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Recipe Expectations


It seems like the % can be all over the place sometimes. Part of it might be the set up someone uses too. When a recipe was made three years ago, vaped on a two year old device the % needed might be very different.[quote=“CallMeTut, post:32, topic:126981”]
I do not like the idea of single flavor recipes being put out on the recipe side of the site,

When I first started, I wished I could have sorted them to find only the singles. Reading through the notes left me guessing since they can be 2-15% or some such range. I already knew I leaned toward lighter flavors so I tried everything at the lower end and it seemed to work out, lol.

I know a lot of people feel like a recipe has to be a bunch of flavors but to me, the PG/VG ratio is part of the recipe so if a single flavor is good on it’s own it’s very helpful, especially to the newer mixers, to know it doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious.


There are only a few mixers here that I will totally follow their recipe to the letter most others i will sub to my taste - if i am making it from one of my trusted mixers i will go right to a 100ml bottle.

With my own mixes i generally make 100ml that way I can part it out into 30ml lots to make changes if required. I have never put much stock in ratings if i did I would have made snowy fuji by now.


Totally agree. The biggest step for me in making what I find good juices is that horrible boring one of remixing several different versions again and again. I have for nearly two years virtually only ever made one version of each recipe as im on to the next idea and like experimenting. It is only the last couple of months literally I have started trying to nail certain things by making a few differnt versions and then remixing them again the same way a couple of times that you truly realise just how much 1-2% and 1-2 different concentrates can alter something so much, let alone the steep time, vaping set up etc etc. It does take the fun element out of things to a degree though


Hmmm. My two cents. I build my recipies to stand the test of time in steeping. Whatever I make I don’t touch until the 3-4-6 week. At this point I only mix every 3 weeks…and coming up it will be 4 weeks before I mix again because I have too much on hand.

My “proven” mixes can stand a 2 month steep. Sure, there are acouple that are better at 1 month compared to 4 months. Some require a 1 month steep because who the hell can vape things like black pepper FA or eucalyptus inw 1 week in. Lol

Therefore, I look at the highest rated recipies for inspiration. And I adapt the shit of them for my personal taste. This is why I don’t post a lot of recipes because much of what I have are adaptations. I respect the original creator…and give credit where credit is do…that and I have no clue what the original tastes like because I never made it. Shit…how can I…I don’t have that much cap, FW, or tpa in my tool box.

There are 4 mixes that i mixed exactly or so damn close (like a basic sub on custard cap for v2) and none of them I liked. Only one I after some rework I vape once a month or so.

Thus a warning is great. I have them posted on my public recipies. But as always…buyer beware. Know you shit. If your going to mix it you should have a general idea what will happen after a good steep.

This has been a ChrisPDX rambeling. Brought you by “Lime Base” a personal mix.


As you mentioned earlier, the cost factor. I threw it out of the window and went for the best I could get. It really turned things around for me, with a lot less v2 or v3 etc.

Once you obtain flavors that is the actual flavor on the bottle, it’s not very hard to recreate a actual recipe.


thats funny seriously funny


thats where we differ , i think thats what makes this fun , i wasnt going to buy RFSC concentrates because the hype made them seem so good you wouldnt have to mix anything except maybe one or two flaves to me that was gonna take the fun out of mixing , luckily they are good but not so good you dont need to build a recipe


While I don’t really “time” things out I know what your saying. When I first started mixing I kept making things and making things and shortly had so much juice mixed up much of it was turning black (overly steeped and probably (I don’t know) unvapeable). Looking over at my side stand where I normally am at I have 8 15ml testing flavors I am trying out and 5 30ml bottles I’m using in two of my other tanks. I’m not a heavy vaper… I vape a lot but just the current out cropping of things on my side stand would take a while to go though, that isn’t even talking about the other things that I have steeping around in my cabinet or the other testers I have mixed up. It gets pretty crazy (on the sad sense of the word) too much to play with and not enough time to play.


Amen Brother


Oh yeah. Life was easy when I had 50 some odd flavors. Now with 200 I have some I haven’t really played with. This is partly why I haven’t been completely jumping into purillium and RF. I got plenty of concentrates that I can use to make some damn good stuff.

I still go back to some of my mixes that I built a year ago. Makes me want to post up another recipie in the what are you vaping or mixing thread. Still debating if my lime mix is ready to be viewed.


That is a good point actually. Some of the really known popular mixers seem to mainly use the same old popular concentrates with not very many new ones, most of which I am not that mad on. Flipping it though, it does mean they are to a degree mastering using those flavours. I really like trying new flavours and finding hidden gems, I even have certain one shots I have started using in mixes quite a lot now…but it has reached a saturation point where I am close to (trying :)) to stop. I have a lot of concentrates I dont like and more importantly a lot of concentrates I have barely used or even figured out to use. I am at the point I really need to try and start mastering quite a few concentrates I have on hand than keep getting new ones and not spending the time on how best to use them.


I’ve only been mixing for about 3 months. In that time I’ve mixed at least 25 - 30 recipes. Out of these I’ve only had perhaps 2 or 3 that went down the drain. Some are better than others but only a couple that I thought were pure trash. In the end I think it comes down to knowing what flavors/flavor brands/% of flavor works for you. For example I’ve learned that, for me, any recipe that has more than the slightest hint of cinnamon is going to be too much for me. I thought I would love all the cinnamon danish swirl recipes (since I love actual cinnamon buns) but alas I don’t. Same with any recipe with brown sugar in it. This info helps me to better evaluate recipes and sort of pre-tweak them before mixing.

This site is free as is Reddit DIY. I feel I have gotten my monies worth and then some from both sites (PLUS all the useful tips that users and moderators freely give). I’ve mixed a handful of gems and found a FANTASTIC clone recipe for my ADV (this in an of itself was worth the DIY plunge). I’m saving a ton of money and my batting average here on ELR is WAY better than my average ever was buying commercial juice (and there is no real tweaking of commercial juice - it is whatever it is; at best all you can do is thin it out with VG). In the end I say mix a recipe. If it’s tasty - great; leave a good review. If it’s not - it should be no big deal to you; leave an honest review. Even worst case scenarios you’ve only wasted $1.50 or so. It won’t be the end of the world.

Last, my post may be slightly off topic but what more should we ask for than a tasty vape - however you define “tasty” for yourself.


So if you make the mistake of asking the guy standing in front of a wall of 1000 flavors of E juice what his all day vape pick is you should suffer the 15 levels of hell the new mixer must descend to and still not get close to hitting the target.
It’s what brought me here and it’ll likely haunt me until I either get close or pound my head into jelly on the nearest brick wall.

French Dude Clone

Ingredient %
Blueberry Wild (TPA) 2.5
Cinnamon Danish Swirl (CAP) 0.25
Cream Fresh (FA) 2
French Toast (CAP) 5
Maple (Pancake Syrup) (CAP) 2.5
Sweet Cream (CAP) 2
Whipped Cream (TPA) 1.5

Flavor total: 15.75%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

No disrespect intended to the poster but it’s a copy of a copy that’s been copied off a French site first as near as the dates tell me and all of them were pulled out of a dark smelly place with no real world testing.
ANY amount of Cap Pancake Syrup obliterates the entire mix for me.
Deleting it brings the overload of the Creams to the surface in a sickening wall of sweet. Toning that down left the cinnamon in overdrive and I’ve yet to find any Blueberry at all. LMAO so much fun.
So is the Recipe anything like my Expectations at all? Nope not even close yet.
I’ve gotten closer shot gunning it and I hate working that fashion but I do know it well from other endeavors.
Are any of them real Dishwater bad? Not really if you like 300ml of pancake syrup. LOL That one I couldn’t fix and it DID go down the drain. So you read 20,000 pages of text and try and figure where it all went wrong and decide your a borderline supertaster and strike out on your own and mix what you like to eat and not the run of the mill Strawberry Custards. :slight_smile: My pallet runs a bit more Sour then Sweet anyhow and many of the recipes just sound way to candy sugar overloaded to my taste.
Now to make an Onion, Wonder Bread and Best Foods Mayo Sandwich Vape. Got the first two covered but who does a Mayo ?


One person actually stated that in a recipe comments, it said something like this, “Please make and review this recipe. I don’t want to waste my flavorings. Suggestions appreciated.” What?!?
I also have had this with a few recipes. For instance, the Charlie Nobel peanut butter recipe, it was so good. I usually make a few bottles, went back about a month later, it tasted like dry, unsweetened peanut butter. I had to change my coil and wash the tank. I really haven’t been able to find or figure out why. I made a chocolate peanut butter recipe at the same time and had some yesterday, it was great. If you figure it out, let me know (and visa versa).


its not unusual… patience, and take time to let a miks steep total, with checking if changes anymore, before make recipe public is not normal any longer. Shake & vape is getting “norm”, and then the mix will develope further over time, without knowledge og mixer.


@Pro_Vapes When I mix or create a new flavor combo I always hope for something that I can SNV and it be good, I never expect anything to be at it’s best on the day of creation and have yet to find one that is. IMHO
It is my hope that within 7 to 10 days it is at it’s peak and stays there. I’m finding that if I mix with more flavor and no sweetener I have a better chance of this. Sadly most bakery/Creamy flavors take at least 2 weeks to a month to really at their best.
Just out of curiosity did the mix you are talking about have cheesecake with graham crust in it? That flavor always tastes like wet straw to me. I can take NY cheesecake and add graham cracker butter and brown sure to it and it’s great.


Furthermore I have to agree with you Saxon, I even expect to enjoy the vapor cloud I create or my wifey creates it’s kinda nice to sit and enjoy a vape then get to enjoy a cloud coming from across the room when she exhales. There always seem to be different nuances on inhale and exhale. It differs with how you exhale as well sometimes it’s nicer to blow it out the nose as opposed to the mouth. It gives a slightly different experience.


We are always telling people how long to steep something for it’s best flavor, shouldn’t it go hand in hand with a warning if the stuff turns to shit in a couple weeks.


It had too much Graham Clear TPA paired with delicate flavors. It overran the mix on the exhale, leaving a wet paper taste on the back end.


how high was the graham cracker clear ??? i was asked to make a juice similar to what they call Graham Father its a commercial juice that is graham cracker and milk which isnt horrible but i was thinking it had to be pretty high i was also thinking of using Cap Graham Cracker instead , also i was brought a bottle of crunk berries by ruthless HORRIBLE juice but i get the idea and where the company tried to go with it so ill recreate this one better and easier the Graham Father had me stumped though and i only have two types like that the tpa clear and caps im thinking 3pct is the highest i could go with either and adding the tpa cheesecake with graham cracker may help we shall see