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Recipe Expectations


It was 3% which is high for delicate flavors. 3% might work with tobaccos or something strong, but it was too much for that recipe.


Okay one thing most of you are forgetting here. Taste is 100% SUBJECTIVE. What works for you may not work for others. Mix for you and do not mix for others, unless you are ready for criticism. Know the person you are mixing for. What do they like, what are there dislikes. This takes time to know the person and their flavor profiles.

For example, I love my cherry vanilla pipe NET. I vape it a lot. I gave it to other people and they taste an off flavor at the end. Okay, note they do not like that flavor. Give them something else. I like it so more for me.

Everyone is saying what makes a good recipe, we need warnings, we need touchy feely things added, FUCK ALL THAT BULLSHIT!!!

What makes a good recipe is something that you use to keep vaping and off of cigarettes. Whatever that fucking recipe is use the fuck out if it. If you get tired of it move on to the next one. So all the touchy feely and warnings are not fucking necessary.

Vape for your fucking self and get the fuck over what other people are saying is the best or worst. The whole point of DIY is to FUCKING DO IT YOURSELF. IT IS IN THE FUCKING TITLE ITSELF. DO IT YOURSELF.


Testify brother!


Hunter S. Thompson said it best with 2 quotes:

“Buy the ticket, Take the ride.”


@Skullblade789 Hey SB ! You got a new tattoo on your forehead! :+1:


I gotta agree with this one hundred percent as the TPA cheesecake with graham tastes like wet straw to me no matter what I do I can mix things with it and wifey is shickled tittless


Must have been another drunken night out, you oughta see the one he talks about on the other well er umm elsewhere.


I’d say buy her some new ones with your vape budget but thought it would just be easier (and cheaper) to move the “s” and “t” around and hand you a feather to help ya out…


This was soo fuckings eloquently put, Skull! :grin:


I just used sentence enhancers.


All this fucking and I’m still unsatisfied!


This reads better :laughing::wink:


I seem to have lost my emojis, but that was fucking funny! :smile:


Too much coffee? Got a little caffeine angst going on? :laughing:


Nope. Just don’t do well with warnings on things. Do you stick your finger into an electric socket? There are no warnings on that. Yet a hair curler has to state " Do not stick in any orifices."

Fuck it. Let them do it. Culls the weak.


:+1: Thinning the herd. I’m with ya brother


I made two mixes that sat for about 1 month because I forgot about them. My black currant and green apple turned out pretty gross, the peach, tea and bergamot though was like 10 times better than when it was made. I like something I can taste on the back of my tongue.


I totally agree w/ your logic it wasn’t too long ago that I went through a writters block and felt blank so I said let me go to the best rated recipes and make the top 10 ( Let me just say there wasn’t any of " US" ELR in this lot of juices I made ) and let them steep as directed. Now I will say right off the bat that there is too much flavoring being abused in most of them and if it isn’t that it is too high of pg for me to tolerate so all in all I did my very best making them as max vg and let me tell you there was not 1 that I could finish a tank full of. Sad but true I said what the hell is going on w/ the rating system if this is over 100 stars of 5 star ratings…this is a shit tanker for sure and now I had to wash all my dang tanks all over again.

Good thing I always have my back up stash ( I always have something to vape) point is the garbage that is so highly rated is filled w/ junk everyday flavors that of course we all started w/ so it’s an easy make but an easy make should not translate to delicious this is DIY we want the creativity to flow and something to pop out and be OUTstanding :wink: I know most of my recipes aren’t for everyone and I know I like odd ball flavors as well but it beats the tar out of mother’s unicorn milk !

So heck yea there is some butt kissing going on for sure and I guess if that’s their crowd they see no problem w/ it. if I like it I like it regardless of who made it and on the flip side I’ve tried some highly rated recipes and found them to be really great.
I guess having no expectation is better that way your pleasantly pleased.


The odd thing with me is I have no experience with vendors juices, so I had to set a bar for myself as to what is acceptable. I like most mixers tried the highly rated recipes, but I wasn’t impressed. Even with my own early mixes I wasn’t impressed with those either. Come to find out it was the flavorings I was using… I just couldn’t taste a bunch of them. I did manage to keep a few of my early flavors, but at this point it’s the premiums for me.[quote=“Amy2, post:78, topic:126981”]
So heck yea there is some butt kissing going on for sur

That’s very evident IMO. Either that or a lot people have vaped a lot of crappy juice.