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[REQ] Jam on toast


Hi all, quite new to the community and diy’ing. Ive always enjoyed jam on toast but do not see any recipes that would match it for the toast feel on the inhale. Could anyone offer some advice on a few concentrates that may match this please!
Thank you


Hi @Dan6770

Looks as if Real Flavors do one -

And I’m pretty sure Solubarome do too.

Haven’t personally tested them so can’t comment on authenticity.

There’s a couple of suggestions in here too

I’m sure somebody will be able to chime in with more suggestions/assistance as well!

Welcome to ELR! :grin:


FLV biscotti is pretty much a toast flavor I use 1.25% and then combine it with RF SC baked bread at 0.5% a hint of FE sweet breadcrust never hurts either maybe 0.08- 0.17% this combination will be plenty strong and will stand up to any “jam” combination you mix it with. Butter always helps too :wink: maybe 1% TFA and 1.5% Cap Golden…

Edit on account of my mixing evolving :slight_smile:

I was using the baked bread at 20% dillution so divide that by 5 and you get 0.1% yes stuff is strong i started using undilited by mistake and it overpowered mixes…

  • IMO 1% TFA butter is too much! I would stick to 0.3-0.5%…


Solubarome has a breakfast and a toast flavor you can get from chefs. Not sure where you are located. To me those 2 flavors are the best toast I have had. Baked bread rf sc is also a good toast flavor.


I forget to mentio my suggestions will yield a “wholegrain” toast flavor if you prefer a nasty lmao wonderbread white bread type flavor i believe the trick is to use FA breadcrust very low! And fa cookie combined maybe 0.08% FA bread and 0.5% FA cookie
Edit : Seriously consider dilluting the FA breadcrust 10:1 then use 0.5% stuff is strong AF do not quirt it up your nose lol)


pssst… FA Butter


Bullcity? Lorann butter was pretty good. Want to try the NF versions as well…


Ecx is the only place I’ve found it.


https://www.diyvaporsupply.com/butter-fa/ :wink:

There’s a code for them too :thumbsup: (on both the flavor page, and the resources page IIRC)

Of course, if you use the click through link (on this page: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/5687) then ELR gets some love too!


I have tested RF Strawberry jam on toast. At 2% 75/25 vg pg. My experience was that is was lite on flavor and needed some help. Maybe some TFA Strawberry Ripe, FA Cookie, Cap Golden Butter and some sweetner.


Thanks everyone ! Lots of input to keep me busy. Much appreciated


Awesome, that’s good to know! Thanks!!


rainbow vapes intense flavors have it but not tried


Is that flavors express from ecx?


Indeed it is


Looks like its not available anymore… :frowning:
I’ve got all your other toasty flavor suggestions loaded up into my cart though! After reading this thread I now feel the need for a buttered toast ejuice. Lol

Hey @ecigexpress, is FE sweet breadcrust a flavor you are going to carry again?


I will talk to the team and get back to you :slight_smile:


Gracias! :+1:


Ok So I checked on that flavor (To be sure we are talking a flavor called FE sweet bread crust right?)
Our inventory manager said in regards to FE, that if there is enough interest in the flavor, they are open to picking it up again.
So for instance, if 5 -6 mixers message us on here, we would take that information to upper management and most likely pick up a conservative amount.


Cool, thank you for that! Obviously put me down for one who’s interested. :wink: