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[REQ] Jam on toast


Yep this one here:


I would buy some. Sounds good.


Curious as to your steep time on this. I tried the RF Cinnamon Roll at a week and thought it was weak, but at a month it was pretty strong at 2.5%. Thanks!


Ok! a couple of more requests and I will take it back to the team :slight_smile:


It has been steeping three weeks today. I was going to let it sit for a month with my other mass of testers. Lol After your post I am going to try it when I get home and see how it tastes. Thank you the input.


C’mon everybody! Does’nt Jam and Toast sound yummy?!? @Sprkslfly @Cutlass92 @SessionDrummer @Laura5 @Mew @Molly_Mcghee @Duchesst @juice_junkie_lover @VapeyMama @mixologist13
Gotta have Sweet Bread to make dat tasty Toast and Jam!


:yum:yes, but I’m really hungry right now!! :joy:

This could be fun. Will work on it and report back!


I’d buy some!!


Absolutely I’d buy some MORE!


Yes jam me up the toast!


On it. Will report back tomorrow with the status.


Cool! I’ve been interested in this one, but haven’t made the purchase yet.


I’ve had it before and it was pretty good. If I remember correctly it was really strong too.


God, a toast flavor that does not contain much if any AP would be nice…


After I tasted it the strawberry had become stronger, but I didn’t taste any toast. The taste was very similar to their Strawberry, which is good, but with a little more texture. It had a very slight strange flavor on the very tail end. Not sure how to describe it but I did not like that. I will try it again sometime, but with some sort of bread flavor. I feel the strawberry would stand up to most anything and possibly be better with a bit of TFA Strawberry ripe around 2-3% as theirs is candyish.


Right on. Thanks for the update!


I have taken this feedback to the team and FE Sweet Bread Crust will return in approximately 2 weeks.


Great! I’m excited to try it. Thanks!


Thanks! Can’t wait to try it. By the reviews it must be THE ingredient in jam and toast.


I’d be interested too!