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[REQ] Jam on toast


@Dan6770 how did you go mate i want to try and clone jelly mixed berries. It mixed berry jam on buttered toast what did you find was the closest thing to toast


Hiya im still struggling to find a proper toast mix. Pie crust is ok but
nothing like that burnt taste… its a tricky one!!!


Fa bread crust.


Excellent will give that a go ! Thanks for that


Go easy with it! And store the concentrate bottle in a jar or something because it’s potent stuff, I would start around .25-.5% with it.


I’ve been mixing 10% solub arome breakfast and it is pretty much a clone of just jam. If you let it sit a month it is pretty much spot on. I have also been enjoying Toast by solub arome as well. Its as close to actual toast that you can get! I like using it with breakfast solub. I have also been playing around with using a little bit of the toast for a creme brulee recipe to try to mimic that taste you get from the crispy part on the top of the creme brulee! Very good!


Its hard for me to bite the bullet and buy breakfast as it will be around $30 for delivery to australia but i might need it in the end for my adv.


Btw you probably know this[quote=“juice_junkie_lover, post:46, topic:163927”]
:thinking:Is granulated sugar melted so maby toffy, caramel, brown sugar or something might work :thinking:


Well you can order it from chefs in the UK or from them directly. I think they are located in France. Maybe that will help with the shipping? I knows chefs sends to the US for 5 euros non tracking shipping.

I think @woftam is in Australia. He might have some insight where to get solubarome flavors for a decent price.


Chefs is the best best I buy a lot from there £5 shipping is pretty much the same as I would pay to have it shipped inside Au and to my knowledge no one stocks solubarome


Yer 5 pound isnt to bad actually. I gave scoward the internet for suppliers in aus but nothing. I want to clone jelly mixed berry it is very popular and is usually sold out at my local store. There going to start stocking 120ml bottles and maby bigger just to keep up with demand.
I am pretty new to mixing so iam starting with some more simple recipes to get the feel of things. I noticed chefs has oak milk to lol that will be mandatory for me to buy eventual


Oh wait vapetrain have a new flavour line - i have not tried any of them yet but they are apparently made from scratch (? not 100% sure on this but am waiting for a reply to an email i sent) with around 200 flavours and some more on the way maybe one of them would suit.



Yer i have been looking at there line there looks to be fome good fruit flavours. Not alot of recipes on here for there flavours tho


Ya there isn’t it would involve a bit of testing - I do hope they get back to me soon so I have a little more info.


The jam it definitely sounds interesting


Yes they have a couple that are definitely interesting - english marmalade will be on my list (i have a notion to mix it with a chocolate). I am just waiting for them to get back to me hopefully they do soon if not I will drop them a phone call.


Ooooh this could be nice on toast


Avocado is not food they should only ever be used in drive by fruitings :grinning:

You could grab Real Flavors fried chicken and make a meal of it.


Or somthing along these lines


Yep, @juice_junkie_lover turned me onto that concentrate. Only steeped a week and it’s definitely sweet sb jam and toast. As well, DIY Vapor Supply has recently added this concentrate to their inventory selection in 10ml bottles.