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[REQ] Vape Wilds Amaizeballs


Anyone have a recipe for Vape Wilds Amaizeballs?


Profile: www.vapewild.com/amaizeballs-e-juice/


That is what Im talking about.


Haven’t seen any recipes, not here and not on other diy sites, but it doesn’t sound like a difficult recipe.
milky undertones (ooo) and maybe some dairy milk (from the description milky overtones), popcorn, caramel and maybe throw in some type of sweetener as well

This liquid exists for quite a while, so I wouldn’t go looking for very new flavors or brands and instead reach to the older ones (tpa, cap, fw, ooo, inw, …).

Do you recognize any specific flavors from your stack… or some that are definitely not it? What have you tried so far?


whosyourdaddy is well aware of that…
He was actually trying to help your cause, since you neglected to give any info other than the name.

You might try reading the following to improve your chances of success with such requests in the future. :wink:


Get it right!!! The ELR Police are watching YOU…



I almost never “rules thump” anyone on this kinda crap. It just seemed like the op had a tone with someone who was only trying to help.


Dem just Jokes…


Ah. My bad


Request can be subjective too… I suppose?

I read it as…


Vape Wild uses 1-3 flavors and mostly one shots. Take a look at FW and TPA. Take that flavor all the way up to the ceiling and add a boat load of sweetener. That’s about it, they are not known for complex juices :wink:


I wish I would have read a lot more on here then I did when I started.

Careful that cloning/remixing can suck you in and before you know it… you’re out $400 and your family and friends are wondering why you have syringes and strange named liquids, locked in your house all day on the weekends, and asking you questions like is vegetable glycerin like nitro glycerin?

And the next thing you know, you really don’t care about cloning/remixing ne thing cause you stuck-to-it and making some decent stuff yourself.



Edit Moving it…


Join the club man. I get it all the time on the recipe side.
Guess I’m known as PoPo now. :roll_eyes: