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I know the principles with RTA and RDTA, but I wonder what makes one better that the other principle?


rdta the coils are on top of the tank and closer to your vape hole so they should give more vapor and flavor like an rda vs rta does. That being said: the only rdta I have tried so far (limitless combo) I wasn’t all that impressed with the flavor over my boreas and billow v3+ rta that I keep in rotation currently.


I have a couple of Limitless Plus RDTAs. While I dont think the flavor blows away some of the RTAs I do like them because they are super simple to coil and wick. They give me a great vape and I keep one and sometimes both of them in rotation. So I agree with Fozzy as far as flavor goes.

The RDTA coils are right up top, which if wicked right, should be similar to an RDA experience. Not always the case. The RTA tge coils are at the bottom of your atty and have to flow up a chamber that may diminish the flavor. Also not always the case.


Pretty much ditto. I have two Pharaohs. Decent flavor but not as good as some of my RDAs. What is nice is the juice well/mini tank which holds more than enough for my work commute. Dripping in the car is not my forte. End up with juice smeared everywhere. Having said all that, I do have a couple of RTA’s that are pretty flavorful.


well… there aren’t really any principles about it for real… it;s way absurd

RDTA’S are just bigger RTA’S (like 25+mm Diameter) , usually with bigger airflow and they promise to bring more flavor and bigger clouds like RDA’S do while they had a tank (unlike rdas) … that’s what always was in general…
now in reallity RTA’S don’t really have any differences with RDTA’S just some companies (like iJoy with Limitless and many others ofc) are enough stubborn for marketing reasons etc to add this "“D” in the middle of “R” and “T”

just think about it… what’s the difference for example of “Fumytech Dragonball RDTA” for example with “Fymytech Windfore or NAvigator”? in reallity none… avocado rta (22mm) just went up to 24mm and they called it RDTA… just marketing reasons for real…


I disagree.

True RDTA’s have the tank below the build deck and the wicks feed from the bottom. In addition they have a build deck that is closely related to an RDA. This is where the Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer name comes from. There are many manufacturers that started naming there tanks RDTA’s simply because the wicks feed from the bottom even though the tank is around or above the build deck. In my opinion these are not really RDTA’s.


avocado 22 and 24 are both called rdta according to google, and both have tanks below the exposed coils on top

and ditto this.


well you can use an avocado like a dripper, if you wick it the right way. can’t speak for other rdtas cause i don’t have any.


Avocado is the only RDTA i own with a bunch of RDA’s which i love. I just wanna say the avocado is tough. I lost my cool and threw it as hard as i could at cement wall. It still works but had to change the glass part. So i hate RDTA’s so far. Isn’t RTA the same thing? Ah If that is like the smok attachment or kangertech attachment i hate those as well.

Edited: I threw it because i thought i broke it anyways. I was twisting the top and the insulator rubber in the middle started popping out. But still works.


No. RTA’s place the build deck at the base of the atomizer with the vapor pulled through a chimney and out the drip tip. The tank is above or around the deck.

Sorry to hear that. I love my Avocado 22 and 24. When built correctly the produce great flavor and vapor.


I thought about grabbing Aromamizer Supreme by Steam crave. Has anyone had any experience with those and does it not require to tilt the tank?


I dont consider the Aromamizer line to be RDTA’s but that’s just my opinion. While they do wick from the bottom like a traditional RDTA the are really just an RTA and suffer from the same leaking issues if not wicked just right. They do have excellent flavor though.

With that said, you do not have to tilt them for the wicks to stay wet.


I have not seen you recommend a RDTA in this thread. Can you tell me a good one besides the Avocado? I Think one that is designed for single coil setups would be best? thanks


Limitless Plus has a plug to make it single coil. The Theorem is single coil.

Lots of people have issues with both of these RDTAs because the glass is press fit onto the base and they have trouble removing the glass. This issue can be eliminated by liberally applying VG to the o-rings or the way I do it is with chapstick.


I guess they all require plugs? that is why i hated the Avocado. When i constantly take the top off to help keep the wick wet the plug lands on the nasty ground than it won’t vape right without it.


The only single coil RDTA that I have tried is the Serpent RDTA and the flavor is excellent. It’s really easy to build as well. As for other dual coil RDTA’s I have the following and like them all very much.

Avocado 22 & 24 - Great flavor and vapor production from both and can run in single coil mode. The 22 is a bit difficult to fill.

iJoy RDTA 5 - Great flavor, super easy to build and easy to fill. Large build deck and requires a lot of power to maximize the chamber. With the right build it can easily handle 125-150 watts for a really nice warm vape. I love it with dessert flavors.

OBS Frost Wyrm - This one is new to me and I’m still trying to find the perfect build. It has great flavor but the chamber is restrictive and smaller low power builds work better. I am just not happy with the warmth of the vape yet.

I have played around with the Bombertech Pindad that a friend has and it is the best of all of the RDTA’s that I have tried. I just dont have the cash for right now it as it’s a bit pricey.


i find the avocado 22 much better with one coil and the ceramic insert, than with 2 coils. that way it’s easier to fill as well, just lift the insert out and you have 2 big filling holes. the avocado is great, almost perfect, for me.


I felt that the air was too turbulent with the single coil block in. I wick all of my RDTA’s with the cotton just laying over the fill holes so it’s not too difficult to push one aside and fill up the tank.


how did you have the airflow set up? i like it with just one small hole for airflow, and sorted out turbulence by a combination of adjusting the coil height and switching between airflow hole in front of the coil and coming through the block, depending on the setup. when i have it right, it’s probably the smoothest airflow of any of my tanks. main reason for single coil for me is it seems to produce better flavour. it’s a great tank.

works better for me with the wicks going into the tank a bit.


the pindad looks interesting, your right though it’s a bit pricey. can’t see anywhere the liquid capacity, it might be that the tpd will sideline it (i’m in the uk)