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I like a really hot vape so I run the airflow wide open with 2 8 wrap 22 gauge coils at 75 watts with a 100 watt preheat. For single coil I think the Serpent RDTA is just a much better vape.


i’d like to try the serpent, i was considering it at the time i got the avocado, but reading reviews tipped me towards the avo. again i think after may 26th i’ll not be able to buy it, unfortunately.

edited to add: the temp factor probably plays into our different opinions on the avo for single coil use too. i like a fairly constricted airflow and rarely have it over 40w, usually closer to 30. sometimes even run it on tc. to each their own, of course!


Bro I have couple of questions regarding RDTA’s since I just recently started vaping:

  1. Does a RDTA (not RTA) give same flavor and vapor as an RDA?
  2. In RDTA, do we wait till the tank empties of ejuice then open up and rewick the cotton or it’s same like RDA where you need to open the cap and rewick after every 10-15 puffs?
    I use Goon 528 RDA and it gives great flavor and vapors but I just don’t like the fact that you have to remove the cap, rewick and then vape after every 10-15 puffs it’s just not according to my liking. So I want to make switch to RDTA where I can wait longer to rewick and fill up ejuice right?


First, I’m not sure if you are mixing terms or not. Why do you rewick every 10 or 15 vapes? The cotton should be good for quite some time and not need to be changed unless you are changing flavors and want each flavor to be pristine from the first vape. My routine with an RDA is to drip in about 12 to 15 drops, vape until the vapor diminishes and I start getting hints of it getting dry and drip over again.

I regard to RDA vs RDTA, in theory they “should” deliver the same flavor. They are both open dome configuration as opposed to a tank which has a limited airflow chimney because of the tank surrounding the coil structure. Most attys labeled as RDTA’s have a large reservoir under the deck which wicking material draws from into the coil(s) leaving an open dome at the top. In practice it has been my experience that RTA’s have better flavor than RDTA’s for whatever reason. Obviously, RDTA’s are filled much like RTA’s instead of actually dripping. With some RDTA’s you can also drip directly but of course you are back to a lesser number of vapes between drips.


If you mean re-drip, then no you do not have to do that. You just have to tilt the tank from side to side after 4-5 puffs to make sure the wicks are getting wet. I vape all of my RDTA’s until the tank is pretty much dry. In my opinion a good RDTA can perform just as well as a good RDA.


My mistake, I meant drip in after every 10-15 puffs. So in your opinion, RTAs are better than RDTAs so which RTA would you recommend as the best?


Some really good suggestions here


My favorite is the Govad by VandyVape. That may be largely because I have found a build that really works well with it. I vape it with both top and bottom airflows wide open. Excellent cloud and excellent flavor. And re-dripping about 10 to 15 vapes is about right. I use a unicorn bottle which makes it a little easier than using a bottle top dropper. To me flavor difference as compared to a tank is worth the effort.


I recently bought a Zephyre from Vaponaute and love it. It is in my opinion a true rdta : rda with a 2,5 ml reservoir. I use it with a single vertical coil and split wick to fill the bottom. No dry hits nor leaks. The only con is that it tends to get very hot after some chainvaping so you might consider a heatsink


I started vaping with a smok alien using a cloud beast king tfv12. I love flavor not clouds so iv read dripping gives you the best flavor so I purchased a sky hook rdta box didn’t care for the taste my tfv12 gives way more flavor so I thought maybe it was just the sky hook failing me and purchased a sense herakles RDA 24mm and also my tfv12 is superior in taste. My question is did I just purchase the wrong equipment or maybe am i not doing something right or does the tfv12 cloud beast king give better flavor than dripping on a RDA? What gives you the most flavor?


Don’t know about the sky hook. I do have a couple of Pharoahs that are technically rdta’s I guess. They give great flavor with a very beefy 2x24-32 clapton build. The very best for flavor in my collection are a Govad and a Goon rda’s. Again, I like to use clapton builds to squeeze out a little more flavor.


I am not a fan of the TFV12 nor was I a fan of the TFV8. There are far better RTA’s and RDTA’s in my opinion. If you are happy with the TFV12 you should stick with it. If you’re still looking for better, I would suggest the Cthulhu Gaia or the Bombertech Pindad for RDTA’s.


+1 for the Gaia. (+3 actually, my current Gaia population). Also good: the Vandy Vape Pyro and the Coppervape Narba


Another one under the radar that I’ve loved daily for over a year, Iron Maiden. 30mm puts people off, but it’s an easy build, easy fill, good flavor for a non-true RDA, big tank, and has an anti-spitback cap which I especially love. I’ve been surprised it doesn’t get more notice.


Frankly, I’m one of those put off by the 30mm diameter :grinning:

I don’t own a lot of RDAs but I can’t help but wonder: how are they supposed to have better flavor if you consider that an RDTA is basically an RDA but with wicks that are constantly saturated (instead of gradually less saturated in between dripping or squonking?)


Well, the wicking level is the same if you keep the RDA saturated when dripping or squonking, of course. And if the juice falls below the cotton legs, the RDTA will dry out just the same. And also you can chain vape any atty out of juice by not allowing recovery time if you try. But that’s moot.

I thought the same thing about RDA vs RDTA, and maybe it’s difficult to do a comparison because different attys are inherently different by design, but regardless of RTA, RDTA or RBA I have never gotten the same depth of flavor out of any tank that I’ve gotten out of an RDA. Still to this day a lowly 13 Heavens 9 Hells clone has been the single best flavor producer I’ve ever vaped. There’s ‘something’ about them I suppose.


Dripping after every drag would be a… Well a drag I guess.

“And if the juice falls below the cotton legs” - now that is an interesting comment, because in my case it always does. I wick every RDTA I own (about 10) without the wicks hanging into the tank. Rather than that I have them going into the juice holes, but not throiugh. Saves cotton as well as tank capacity but most importantly it wicks much better than any other method I tried.

| think a comparison is not that difficult, there’s RDAs that have a RDTA version that is the same RDA but with a tank under it and some holes in the deck, and there’s also the convertible ones, although in both cases it’s usually not the most flavour oriented models afaik.

"Still to this day a lowly 13 Heavens 9 Hells clone has been the single best flavor producer I’ve ever vaped. " - good thing that it’s discontinued or I would be tempted to break a new year’s resolution on the first of januari, heh.


You can get one, hint hint…


Well, I’ve observed something the last few days with squonking that seems to answer the flavor question.

I got the GBOX squonk a few days ago, the first time I’ve dripped since using an RDTA… I’ve noticed that when the juice well is empty but the cotton is still well-saturated (the normal condition for an RDTA), the flavor is very similar to my old RDTA. However, when I replenish the well, the flavor improves. So for me, it seems that having the extra juice in the well brings more flavor. Perhaps this is why RDA’s outshine RDTA’s even though they’re similar in deck/chimney design.