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“the juice well is empty but the cotton is still well-saturated (the normal condition for an RDTA)”

I’d say the well is not empty, it’s just a bit lower :slight_smile:

Hmm I see your point, but it would still mean that a draw from an RDTA tastes better on average unless you’re dripping / squonking after every one or two draws, right?


too much theory. What’s an RDA that has a 1:1 RDTA version?


I meant, there isn’t a pool of juice directly in the airflow path, rather it’s below the deck. I’ve seen it make a difference for me. Yes, all theory and postulation. Vape what ya dig.


I agree totally. Been using the gbox with the radar rta and i have noticed the same thing. Still really enjoying it though.


Sorry correction…radar rda.


Interesting discussion…my two cents on it…have Gbox with Radar, several RDTA’s (limitless and Smok TF-RDTA) as well as RTAs (Smok TF-RTA, RBA2 in TVF4, VCMT 30mm on RX300, Fuji single coil). They all have their sweet spot when it comes to flavor and cloud production. I get damn good flavor off my Crown v1 0.5ohm coils (only prebuilt I run nowadays) as well. For the Gbox I found that coil type (claptons vs spaced macros) change flavor profile a lot and that cotton packing can kill flavor (scottish roll doesn’t work so well)…
@Georgio have you noticed that the coil reading on the GBox seems to stay the same no matter what you put on it? Mine has been reading 0.55 since day 1.


I found that when I first got it. I was not able to tell the mod about a resistance change, but then realized that if I literally removed and replaced the atty while the GBOX was powered on, it would re-read the resistance and ask if it is a new coil. It seems that if you change the build or swap the atty while the power is off, it does not re-read the atty, but it will if it’s already powered on. In my case that’s true, anyway.


Ha! I feel like a tool…it just occurred to me to try that right after I wrote that post…and sure enough…asked about new coil and now reads correctly…I figured if that was in issue it would’ve showed up in a review somewhere…


Don’t feel like a tool. It should ask any time it sees a change, especially a large one (because small changes happen due to TCR of course), regardless of whether it is powered on or off prior. That’s a shortcoming, albeit an easily worked around one.


Thanks @TW12. I have 12 mods from a variety of manufacturers (including one Whiterose mod) some of which have Arctic fox on them so keeping functionality straight between them all is sometimes a bit complicated…


Fair play! Arctic Fox is the bomb. Well, maybe ‘bomb’ isn’t so good when discussing mods. OK, it’s awesome then.


Agreed…that at least has made controls and clicks common across different mods which helps…and hell yes, it is the bomb!! I just loaded up a CSV from SteamEngine for stainless claptons I made…love it…like having a DNA device minus the price tag!


I haven’t had that issue. Maybe something is wrong with the device or the coils.


I’m glad you’ve found a workaround… But man. What a craptacular design fail. You’d hope it was an easily fixable flaw by simply updating the firmware. But… If not, then just another shining example of the importance of chipset choice (both by the manufacturer, and the end user!)


Unfortunate as it is, this is common to quite a few mods. I’ve gotten in the habit of removing an atty. Firing the device and ensuring that it reads “no atomizer” and then putting on the new atty. Especially using TC I’ve come across this quite a bit.


There are so many options on the market right now, especially if you kinda look at squonking RDAs to be very similar to an RDTA. Just like you have good and bad flavors with every brand, you’ll find pleasing RDTAs as well as pleasing RDAs. Some people have a natural preference for one over the other.
My experience with RDTAs goes as far as an original Limitless and I hated it from the get go. It goes in against all the reviews I’ve seen but say what… you win some, you loose some. It’s part of the whole experience and learning process.

It’s mostly personal preference but with RDTAs getting more and more easy to build (leakless) and having excellent flavor, I’d probably tell people to start with that first. I’ve never really seen people actually drip their RDTA. Even RDAs on a squonker don’t often get dripped on anymore but it may be a feature that you particularly like.