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Sept 2018 Best Single Coil RDA on the market recommendation?


Sorry to bring this same old topic up, and I was thinking about just PM 'ing a few reviewers to get their thoughts. I’ve read so many great reviews of so many RDA’s but my PD is kicking in and I can’t even think of the devices names. I’m going to (try to) talk my wife into letting me buy an RDA and because of my age and capabilities I’m thinking a single coil would be best. I don’t have a squonk, but would like that as an option. I’d like something with the best technology but doesn’t have to be this years.

Right now I’m considering:

x Wotofo Recurve 24 RDA
x Blitz Ghoul BF RDA
asMODus C4 LP
Swedish Vaper Dinky RDA

HAKU Phenom Styled (SXK clone) Haku Venna
Digiflavor Drop Solo RDA
Digiflavor mesh pro
x Wasp Nano
Dead Rabbit SQ
Pixie RDA
Skyfall clone
add Your favorite here

x on order

I know there was some others, but my memory is hindering, so if someone can recommend their favorite single coil flavor chasing RDA I’d appreciate it!


The Oumier VLS is pretty damn good IMO. You can run single or dual and the air flow is just right (for me). Also the Haku Phenom (clone) is a great one but slightly restricted (NOT MTL). Both have great great flavor and very decent cloud production.


I just got the Drop Solo, give me a couple of days and I will let you know how it is.

The Wasp Nano is good on flavor but spits like a llama and whistles like…i can’t think of anything to describe the whistle but I’m high AF right now.


was ready to add wasp but was released last year


The Recurve is an awesome rda. It’s best if you squonk with it but I’ve only been dripping and have been enjoying it a lot. The only draw back is that it won’t hold much juice when dripping so you will need to drip frequently. I’m using it on a device with replay so it does help let me know when to drip.


Thank you all for replying, I have to sleep and then tomorrow talk my wife into it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but I’ll check back here before I make up my mind, some good suggestions so far.


I also say the recurve if we’re only looking at 2018, otherwise the wasp nano is for me still a valuable rda, even tho it’s not made 2018.

The recurve as mention is a squonk rda no doubts, and you need to like restricted dl because that’s what it is. Is it extremely restricted? No but it’s definitely noticeable, which for me is perfect.

I didn’t pick up a drop solo or drop dead, because I really hated the dead rabbit, as well as the drop. Granted it’s dual but can be run single, in all 4 cases it was a over hyped product in my opinion. But lots of people like it.

I’m testing the profile rda currently, but not much I can say as of right now, besides it’s more for mesh then actual single coil, but it got that option for people that want both. I’ll keep you updated if that’s from interest.


I would vote for Dead Rabbit SQ. Does wonders for me (and doesn’t whistle)


@mjag has been putting out the most reviews lately. I can’t remember if he has done all three of those or not.


Do you plan to use round wire or some sort of Clapton/alien/dragon piss wire? If you plan to use round wire I wouldn’t recommend any of those.


If i wrap my own coils they would be twisted or braided at the most lol. I think I have a few aliens left I got for in buddha.


I recently got into RDA’s because of the Wotofo Recurve Squonk Mod and got the Recurve RDA a few days ago.

If you want to get into squonking it is a really nice setup.
I was using the Wasp Nano on it before I got the Recurve RDA but I like the Recurve better.

I cannot say that it’s the best because I haven’t tried everything on the market but for a starter squonk kit it is pretty good.


I would have to go with the recurve hands down no matter what year.

Going back in time I would put the hadaly and wasp nano as a coin toss for which one is better for flavor. That said the wasp airflow can be a little noisy.


I have a HAKU clone, and a wasp nano. Both are great for flavor, I would pick the haku over the wasp tho, it’s basicly a hadaly, really good for flavor testing.


Haku Phenom SXK - just love this with squonking, easy on the battery, smooth air, perfect for me wide open, flavor is Top Notch
Recurve - great for squonking, does spit, than calms down.
Wasp Nano - does whistle, flavor is good, great for squonking after you get use to the whistle.

the Dead Rabbit, DropDead, Drop, Drop Solo, they are … well I just don’t like them, way overated, not for me, but they look pretty sitting in my collection.

Honorable mention to LE Supersonic SXK, good flavor, round wire use, great for squonking, saves battery life.


Same here I vote for the Rabbit SQ
I would also pay attention to new Vapefly baby for a bit tighter pull “PIXIE RDA:sunglasses:


A great single coil RDA and a small one at that is the Dinky RDA. That small chamber it has gives it really good flavor and totally worth trying.


Haku clone from that list but the best single coil RDA out there is the Skyfall clone. I have the Entheon, Hadaly, Recurve, Wasp, and it beats all of them.


Yeah that list is what i’m putting together so I remember what was suggested to me :slight_smile: I wanna know your favorite.
No one mentioned the nudge, is that one too hot? it looks like a simple deck.


Also as far as clones go what one is best? YFTK and SXK are common, or are some better?