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Sept 2018 Best Single Coil RDA on the market recommendation?


YFTK is the one to get. It’s the best of the clones however the drip tip is horrible compared to the others but not a big deal.


Another thing, with the Haku that was mentioned you want the new one which is the Haku Venna and go with YFTK also. I think the Skyfall is better but both beat the Hadaly and I like them even more than my Entheon with the Hadeon cap. The Wasp Nano is in the rotation though because when you build it right it may be the best.

The cool thing with the Skyfall is that you literally have unlimited airflow options, you can use those 3 dots, however what most people don’t know is that if you turn it more then you have a wide open slot, and when I mean wide open it’s literally double the size of the Wasp’s airflow slot. So adjusting that to where it’s fully open brings a new meaning to wide open airflow to one dot for a tight MTL. The highly overrated Recurve got all the attention and this flew under the Radar.

I know Jai Haze did a video on it so check that out as he breaks it down pretty well, however it’s the over $200 version but the people who made the clones did pretty much a spot on 1:1 except for the perfect machining.


I’m pretty sure I’ve got a Wasp Nano coming my way, so I can take my time, do more research, and maybe plan on getting a couple RDAs over the next months to try out. Unless I fail right off the bat :slight_smile:

Now about Jai, and this is not a reflection on you in any way, but I feel several of his reviews are biased enough that I quit watching him except for amusement purposes. ALL the reviewers here on ELR i have much trust in and they go into their review with neutrality, truthful and unbiased. As I feel everyone in this thread is also doing.
And I don’t think all Joyetech devices are fantastic, but I’ve watched Jai smash them just because he does not like the company. Anthony is another reviewer, that because they cannot give a honest review, I have lost my faith in their reviews.

I appreciate all the advice everyone here is giving me. I really appreciate y’all as my family!

Haku has an interesting build deck and airflow, and the notches to position the coil. I remember it.


Jai Haze is running the strongest carny game out of all the youtube personalities out there and I’m not a rube and don’t buy anything he says. I’m just saying you can get an idea how it looks as the one good thing he does is show off the features and you can get an idea of how it operates because at over $200+ through only facebook?. I think he was the only one besides Todd who has a video up of it.

I’ve always been a single coil RTA guy for literally the past 5+ years and besides a velocity and a Sapor back in the day I never had interest in RDA’s and was content with my Taifuns & Serpent Mini’s and the like but I think it was the wasp that totally converted me from tanks to RDA’s and I’ll never ever go back. 22mm single coil RDA’s are where it’s at now, especially with squonking.


Wow, surprisingly I have not tried a lot on your list, of those mentioned the Drop Solo would be my pick. Really the only other one I have on your list is the Recurve. The tight airflow and really only working good as in a squonk setup really drops it down the list for me.

The Drop Solo is good, wouldn’t say great like the original drop but still good. Easy to build and love the airflow. Being 22mm it limits what mods I can put it on and still look good. I am working on getting the review out for it but have to say there are other single coil Rda’s I prefer over it like what I mention below.

I love the Asmodus C4 which I picked up for my own personal use. The airflow could be a little more but the flavor just pops on that RDA. Can’t go wrong with a wasp nano either but looks and build quality wise the C4 in the gold I got blows it away.

I am sure I am missing a few more but that is all that is coming to mind right now.

Thanks to @SmilingOgre for tagging me, very interesting discussion and love to hear what others think…might cost me some money though…lol


I just got a Asmodus c4 a few weeks ago to go with my Luna squonker…its a great RDA an over looked…its flavor monster…easy to build …I plan on another one soon…


My absolute favorite is the Tokugawa in single coil setup. Then again, I always seem to go back to the Hadaly (my nr 2). The Supersonic comes in third, but only after I drilled the 2 center airflow holes to 1.5mm. Entheon at four and the Wasp at 5.


I use a few single coil RDA,s , it depends if you want an open airy draw or a slight to tight restrictive draw but still DTL,

These i find give better flavours after going through many to find the ones i like an keep,

Le Concorde RDA , 22mm BF
(sxk version) is great,

Narda RDA 22mm BF (SXK)one of best flavour rda,s made,

Pocket RDA 22mm bf it’s easier to build than Narda but very similar ,

Venom RDA BF (SXK)22mm

Flave 22mm RDA , bf
And flave RdTA, much better than the wasp nano , you font drink juice like the wasp,

Mulciber RDA , 22mm
not sure of cloner great little single coil bf RDA, comes with a dual airflow rings, or single one sided very easy to build on reduced chamber

Pelso V3 RDA , not tried the clone but OG is very nice can do single dual coil builds msny option of topcaps airflows, build ect , in Single coil mode its one of favs along side the le Concorde and Narda,

I do have a few others but find i use these listed most,
And mainly single coil RTA,s now


The Hermetic rda, in my book anyway.


@Cosmic Is that Hermetic on the market yet? I got a private recommendation to get Ghoul or wait for Hermetic, I was told it will be easier for me to position the coils.
@Heavy_handed your going right along with your namesake, that is an overwhelming list, are they arranged from favorite to least favorite? And ya I was wondering about a MTL setup because I like slightly restricted DTL.
It seems my overwhelming list is getting longer, I may have to change it to a poll :smile:


No there not listed in any particular order,
Its not so easy to choose which is fav , they all have there place as they suit different needs and circumstances and do better with certain flavours than others,

You do hit a point where many kind of give similar type of vape as the others though ,

Although Some just shine with plain single round wire builds better than others,
Some are more suited to beefier builds,
hence why i have varied list of selections ,


Yep for about 3 weeks. Vapordna was running a weekend sale on them $4.99 and they went quick. Now back in stock at regular price so.

Myfreedom smokes does have them as well.

Element vapes I think does too.

That are the US suppliers I know off. Pretty sure there are also 300+ Chinese stores selling them, but I wouldn’t know who has it in stock currently lol.



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Have you considered an RDTA? I bought 2 DeJaVu RDTA’s on Ebay for about $25 for both, and I use them both regularly. Great flavour, heaps of vape and no spitting. Only a 2ml tank but a really easy top fill. Highly recommend.
Also using the Drop Solo on my squonker, and using single coil on my Drop, no complaints there. Really easy to coil and wick. Can recommend any of the above.


Yeah and I know I could get one to work but I’m a shaky old man. The other night I was out for dinner and my hands were shaking just enough I couldn’t eat my corn or peas, they would make it right to my mouth then fly back off into my plate. So just for ease of use, I’ll start with an RDA and go from there. As far as flavor tasting, I have several devices like RiftCore and my new T80 to test with, I just wanna play with one of the new RDAs.


Ah fair enough mate.


I missed that! Regular price $32.99!!! Snap!!! Really looks like a nice rda. 9mm juice well!! may have to bite the bullet on this one myself!
I love the wasp nano and the drop solo, like the Hadelay, Haku and entheon. There are just so many to choose from!
@CosmicTruth have you tried Squonking? I enjoy it alot, all the flavor of dripping without the constant hassle! Just squonk and vape!


Nope never have been squonking, But if I ever get a squonker I’ll try it and maybe become a squonkee. I was interested and intrigued way back when they invented squonks, but have yet to try one.
I forget the post style on my old RDAs but now the tech is changing so am interested again.
I had problems stripping the little grub screws, and spitting of the liquid off the coil.


The digiflavour mesh pro is a good RDA and it comes with a squonk pin. Takes a single coil or mesh build.


I have not tried or had any YFTK rda’s in my hand, but just looking at the pictures, I see some ugly machining, or a rough cut, like the mill had chatter in it when milling, plus the bottom of the rda did not have nothing stamped on it, just plain,… That’s why I went with the SXK, I have 2 of them in hand and the machining is Immaculate and stamped on the bottom, so you can identify witch rda you have… That is just my opinion on a picture of YFTK, the hands on might be different.