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Sept 2018 Best Single Coil RDA on the market recommendation?


Was just curious, as I was thinking it might be much easier for you. I know I really enjoy it better than constantly dripping juice on the coils! I get to reading here and forget to drip and then i get the dreaded burnt cotton hit! :nauseated_face:


I’m excited to see you put the Pixie RDA up there, I was actually looking at that one last night. I’m thinking I would enjoy that one.


That Pixie does have a cool looking deck and airflow.
Actually when I first asked I was hoping to get just a little organized list of recommendations, but it quickly became a huge list, I think because there are so many devices on the market, and everyone has differing opinions. :grinning: All the devices on the list are unique modern RDA’s compared to what I’m used to.
I did order the Blitz Ghoul BF RDA on a personal recommendation, but it’s stuck in china on vacation :smile:
I’ll have to learn patients and proceed with caution, because I’m still not convinced I’ll like an RDA better than my tanks.


Actually a very good choice one of my everyday BF RDAs, easy build, good flavor


I like easy & flavor @David5362 :slight_smile:
I had removed Oumier VLS RDA because the deck looked complicated and is a dual coil rig, but I was told it works great in single coil mode, and pretty simple. I got to try one at my local shop and thought it is an interesting device. Some of the RDAs have a C shaped contacts instead of a hole to insert the coil legs. Wondering if that might become a problem?

Thanks again for all who have helped here, I hope I didn’t miss something.


I ventured into single coil RDA this week on my $1000 spending spree on hardware and flavours. :rofl:

I got the Drop Solo and the Recurve and my first impressions of both are good.

The Recurve is a little bit restricted in airflow for my liking but super easy to build on. I’m liking the Drop Solo a little more mainly because of the less restricted air flow is more my style.

I got my first tank this week and I must admit, I’m loving it and thinking of changing my path and getting more. At the moment I mainly squonk.


And see I like more restricted airflow, so for me I may prefer Recurve. I like phillips or straight screws instead of allen screws. It’s difficult to choose, its a matter of finding a device that has the most features each person desires.

Just looking at the posts on Drop Solo it looked a little weird, and the price is still hyped up so maybe next year I may take another look at it.


I have to agree with this statement, you also need to bend the coils down close the the posts to wick it and this doesn’t leave much tolerance for accidental contact with the posts.

It seems you ticked more boxes for the Recurve, but it is hard to find anything that ticks all the boxes.

Each have the advantages and disadvantages. :sunglasses:


+1 for the Recurve, really great single coil flavor RDA. You can use it as a dripper, but it’ll be much easier on a squonker because of the tiny juice well.


If I could afford:marsh’s

I’d need to ask what the best TC squonker is, But that would need a whole new thread.

BTW October 1 was China National day, they took the whole week off.
Time in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China:
5:17 AM
Monday, October 8, 2018 (GMT+8)

Hoping my order starts moving in a couple hours :slight_smile:


I can’t offer much advice on this. I’ve mainly used mechs when squonking, I just got the Recuve Squonk it fits nicely in the hand. Also got the Basium Squonker Mod but this is only VW and I haven’t tried it yet.


One that has a dna board. Preferably a c board (75c/250c)


If you knew what a struggle it was to muster up $15.00 for an RDA, you wouldn’t even suggest that :roll_eyes:


I actually do know that, but you asked for the best, and no matter if you me or the next person likes it, or can afford it, that’s the answer so.

I could have said, oh the I don’t know, smok 288765 xA is the best, we both know it ain’t the truth :wink:

Tc is sadly not based on opinion or somebody’s taste etc, but on numbers and close to accurate performance, As of right now there’s no other board that can do that, if you ask for the best…

None dna squonkers with tc:

I don’t own these devices, but apparently the vandy vape pulse 80w should not be as bad. It uses their chip but in my opinion it’s a cloned voopoo chip, while it’s not the best it still does a good tc job, if you keep it to single coil.

The ohm boy rage I think it’s called, should perform in tc as well and not as bad as other chips.

I do own the gbox, but one thing I do can tell you, the gbox tc is horrible, maybe people that never tried tc on a other device or used it on devices even worse, will say it’s outstanding, but too me it is not.

Running with a torch through a blizzard together with a hurricane, probably has more success of keeping that torch lit, than getting one satisfying hit off the gbox in tc lol. Waste of money in my opinion.


Exactly the same guts as just about every smok on the market people do seem to like them though so they may just have got the firmware right. For me - I am staying away.


Well thanks for pointing it out, then this doesn’t qualify either lol. I only based it on reviews I’ve seen/read and thought it was a bit better.


One piece of advice … do something about that shinyitis. You’ll save up enough money to get a starter DNA squonker (like the Therion for example).
Once you have proper gear, you just care about juices because you know your vape quality will be good.


I think I’m doing pretty good, I’m not falling too bad into a spend spree. I always have to consider the price of cigs, even with new RDA’s to play with my spending this month is well below a carton of smokes and should save a lot in the long run. Cotton and wire is pretty cheap :smile: and I have a bunch left over from years back.
As far as TC goes I kinda think no matter how accurate your device is, you have to look at how accurate the wire is. I usually just go by feel, switch to TCR, tweak that and the temp till I get something that works good.
(but it would be nice to have a DNA mod to see/compair).

OH plus my wife gave me permission to have a wild spending spree for my birthday, so I have to spend a little before she changes her mind :grinning:


Then spend man! Quickly! :grin:


The Anita by Arctic Dolphin actually performs decent in TC mode and it is a quite cheap mod. I only vape in TC mode and it actually impressed me with its performance in TC.