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Setting up the Flavour (Flavor) Fridge


After a couple of people (whose opinions I greatly respect @fidalgo_vapes @LordVapor) mentioned it to me I decided to get off my ass and build me a flavour fridge. The actual fridge was a bargain it cost me 200ml of juice from a mate.

I built an insert out of black perspex (they didnt have 4.5mm clear in stock it was a bit of a mission because who would have thought the inside of a fridge wasn’t square it tapered to the back.

4 sets of drawer runners and a bit of cutting, riveting and gluing later I had a working flavour fridge.

I came out pretty good I think. I made it so I could fit 2 more drawers in if required the tray (I did a cut and shut on a couple of the display stands) in each drawer is removable for cleaning resorting etc.

I have 4oz and Real Flavors VG in the door and RF SC on the top drawer (I so wanted to say shelf lol) the bottom crisper bin is where I store doubles (sometimes I buy a couple of the same flavour if they dont have bigger bottles)

There is a little room to grow but not much (I still have to do a flavour cull)

Here are a few pictures

Had to do a bit of a redesign on the draw as it sagged a bit under the weight

The frame for the tray

Frame and the tray

All done (i should have cleaned up a bit lol)

Hope that gives you some ideas if you ever decide to do something similar.

Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?

the snom man, i love it. i have a mini fridge and have a ton of room left lol. gotta start somewhere I guess. only been at diy a little while now and love it. so glad i found elr its great…


that is awesome, way to make it fit your bottles , btw ty for the compliment you really took it to another level and you could store your nic and pg in the freezer above :wink:


It look really good bro, well done.


Holy shiz… that’s alot of juice. Wow NICE!! :heart_eyes:


Wowzers!! :flushed:


jealous of all those RF SC bottles.


That’s a thing of beauty!


I feel like going on a pilgrimage to this shrine of yours :footprints: :footprints: :footprints:


That is AWESOME @woftam. Very well done!


I’ll come with! Road trip!!



I got a picture of Thelma and Louise in my head now and i can’t shake it.
Theres gonna be so much crazy stuff done on that road trip. You guys need a photographer to document everything? :laughing:


Damn right!

Not so sure you could handle what you would see… :wink:


All i can say to that is what happens on a road trip stay on a road trip and it isn’t my first rodeo if you get my drift… I’ve seen crazy before and i’m sure i will see crazy again :wink:


Ok ok, you can come. :grin:


Woohooo Road Trip :laughing:


Leave the camera at home


No frigging way, we need to share this with the ELR family for sure, i mean if they haven’t seen crazy before it’s time for them to see it now.


Hey hey hey, you just said ‘what happens on a road trip…’ These poor souls here, they’ll probably have a heart attack and we will be banned for all eternity