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Setting up the Flavour (Flavor) Fridge


I know what i said… but it gotta be documented, theres no way around that.
Nah i’m sure they will appreciate seeing what happens on that trip


@VapeyMama I’m not so sure about this - waddayu have to say bout it?


Hahaha theres no way you guys are gonna change your minds on this now, the tickets are ordered and everything. Theres no backing out now.


I think he can do what he wants with the pictures if he survives our initiation. Fair?


Rofl, yup that’s fair enough :wink: Those photos will never see the light of day


:laughing: I’ve already got my thigh high leather boots packed, are you bringing the chains?


Chains and paddle, mama, chains and paddle…



I am so gonna enjoy this :smiling_imp:


Famous last words… :wink:


Looks awesome! Nice one beaut :+1:


DAMMIT !!! Now I gotta go buy a frickin refrigerator!! :persevere:


I never heard of anyone keeping flavors in a fridge. Nicotine yes, but not flavor concentrates. Do you really “Need” to do this? Whats the shelf life difference in keeping cool in fridge vs keeping at room temp 70° ish…? I would think this wouldn’t be good due to condensation when out of fridge during use/mixing. The extra water would weaken the flavor.


you dont need to do it but take Real Flavors SC they do their best between 30 and 65 degrees , i keep my fridge at 50degrees and at that temp you dont have condensation issues , i believe when you keep your fridge at a standard temp and store food or mayo , jam , juice etc the condensation is usually outside of the bottles ( yuck i ciuldnt imagine having condensation inside all of my food a puddle of water sitting on top ) i switched to a fridge because the only place i had room out of reach for my children was a hall closet that o couldnt control the temp and summer it got way to hot and i lost a bunch of flaves , so i decided a cool dark place would be a mini fridge


Yeah, makes sense. I was thinking man, now I need to keep my flavors in the fridge?..LOL I just last weekend cleaned out a big drawer in my desk to keep all my flavors organized and away off the top. After 9 months of mixing, 70 plus bottles of flavor concentrates started to take over my desk top…LOL.
Maybe someday I’ll upgrade and setup a mini fridge.

Thanks for replying.


no problem i had no ther way to control the environment until my clean room gets built , lmao


That is freakin sweet! I need to do something like this as well and get more organized for long term storage.


Another thing I need to add to the ENVY list! lol


WOW… :open_mouth: … WOW

I bow down to you. That is amazing! Great job!


I would swap it any day for your fridge @Walt_RealFlavors. :laughing: