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Setting up the Flavour (Flavor) Fridge


I had to revamp the fridge - i out grew it a little.

So armed with another free fridge i set out to make it better.
I made the frame out of Aluminium this time (the fridge was square which made it easier) I also decided to fabricate the trays from scratch.

Here are a few pics of the new one.

Frame installed with a few draw runners for testing

Test build on one tray - oops made a drilling mistake lol

How many flavours per tray. Think i will work off about 20 with 7 rows gives me 140 per draw

Few more draws done. Loads of drilling and riveting

Job done - nearly a full shelf as room to grow


looks like its built to last, well done


^^^ Agreed. Now make me one. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, that’s awesome and I’m insanely jealous. That is definitely something I need to look at getting. Not necessarily because I want my flavors refrigerated, but because that’s just great all around, easy access storage that keeps the bottles all relatively upright and the whole lot of them pretty much sealed in a container. Bravo.


Got a friend who has a fridge , works but one hinge is messes up. He was thinking about scrapping it…

My thoughts r it be a perfect Candidate for a

Flavor fridge