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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


I was just messing with ya. I don’t make juice good enough to deserve a label, lol.


I know and i responded accordingly :laughing:


Latest in progress, still alot to do but figure its a decent start


quick question…how are you keeping the labels attached/what paper are you using?

Even some of the premium liquids I have see the labels peeling off! Is it a self adhesive backing type paper? or are you using some other method?


I have a guy who prints them for me. Can’t give you an exact brand or make.

The material is a soft vinyl. It’s flexible and durable for plastic bottles.
They’re on Letter sized sheets but appear to have been custom cut to my liking.

The peel off part of the labels is branded “Orajet”.

Hope that’s a bit helpful.



bioshock themed. hope ya’ll like!



Hi can anyone tell me where i could get my labels printed in vinyl labels?



This is a label i’m really considering using for myself when or if i ever sell any liquids.
Walk the line is supposed to have the meaning of walk my line, my line of juice that is.


this is my labels. I had to show it like this because its actually WHITE SPOT on transparent vinyl on blue bottles.


you can use a waterproof laser paper stock. the colors wont bleed with damp fingers and the extra sticky paper sticks well. some of the plastic bottles dont like sticky things. pet bottles seem to like sticky things the best but are not really e liquid friendly because they are very difficult to squeeze. try to make sure your plastic bottles are degreased with alcohol then attach the label.


What’s the label look like on an actual blue bottle? Wondered if it were difficult to see. I’ve tried transparent labels but I didn’t have much luck as all the colors blended together


white on clear.
these are my bottles. 60ml chubbies.


Very cool. I love the bottles and white print! Nice work!
Those labels would look great of cobalt blue glass bottles too!


that was the original plan. batch size and warranting glass really worked with my business model. glass being way cleaner. but then ppl complain about droppers for obvious reasons, it was a big thing for me to drop cobalt glass. (was previously doing 50ml, even a refund policy for sending me back bottles) but in the end i found these and doing the math so to speak, these worked out neat. products are still yet to launch as it sits in batches aging.
i even have some samples of cobalt blue pet they would look striking on. have committed to these though. =)
once batch is ready ill upload some photos of the finished products.


@Leilani thank you for helping me with the labels :slight_smile: My printer needs some colored ink so the colors are not on point. Instead of using a laminator for the labels, I used tape on both sides so I can re-use them. I have a few more favorites that I are in the process of making but thanks for all the help everyone!! I’ve come a long way in 6 months!


Fantastic Jazzy! I’m glad you’re having fun making your labels! I love the color scheme - carrot orange and Easter pinks are my favorite. Very nice.

I can drag over my photos over here!


Thanks. I had some beige and yellow in there but my printers getting low on colored ink. Damonmas vanilla custard is supposed to be yellow :blush: it turned out alright tho.