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Share your custom label designs, I'll start!


ugh cant get it to go right side up lol… to tired to fight with it lol


Here ya go. Love the graphics btw!


thanks that was driving me insane lol


That is just Awesome , love it! I don’t know exactly why but the fungi on the tree as well as the flowers on the boots just takes that label to another level.Yes …I am weird like that.:fist:


yeah the fairy picture is actually a wicked tattoo design (half sleeve) I love it… the details of the fungi on the tree and flowers on the boots do take it to another level… your not weird at all :slight_smile: I actually didnt think anyone else would notice them and tbh the flowers on the boots just make this image for me.


I actually dig what the art is stating to me.I kinda like the flowers , fungi , buckles and the relation or contradiction if you will to one another.I can see the warm loving side as well as the I will kick your ass and burn your house down that isn’t quite as subtle.Yeah… I like it , I like it a lot!


Finally got myself some labels printed. What do people think?


Looks great :slight_smile: What dimensions are they (im trying to figure that out to print some off myself)?


For his i am unsure.
Me personally, i went to walmart and bought the Avery 1" x 2 5/8" (16460)
Then made a free account on their site and their free online label creator. I use a blank template and use their tools to place images and text anywhere and way on it. Took a few to explore the app and figure out everything but its pretty straight forward. 150 labels for under $5. The ones i use are just plain white, but they also have a clear label i would recommend buying a pack of also to layer blank over the top of the printed label as a sort of laminate layer because if not, any juice that gets on the label will cause it to bleed out and blotch up badly.


Mine are 89x36mm. I weighed up the costs of getting a label printer and inks and it really wasn’t going to save me an awful lot of money unless I bought a big expensive printer with low print costs.

I have a contact in China that I sent the design to and he printed me 1000 labels for £50 or 5p per label with shipping.
The stickers are glossy and waterproof as well.

If anyone is interested I’d happily pass his details on!


@mikelej14 That sounds like a pretty good deal actually, damn me always thinking my oversea friends will be cheaper :joy:


I recently picked up one of these for “my wife’s home office use” (tax write-off). It is wireless, doesn’t use ink, and you can get “film” labels that are waterproof. It only prints in black & white but that is fine for my purposes. You can get the label paper in standard die-cut sizes or in a continuous roll that it can cut to the size needed, They come in white, clear and yellow.

Brother High-Speed Label Printer with Wireless Networking (QL710W)


Hehe! I just kinda had to do this now… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I don’t actually have labels like this, but if I did I’d just laugh every time I picked up a bottle of juice!


I have the non wifi version, great little printer… you can get the rolls of labels at a better cost than directly from Brother (or Staples etc) if you look around (that are still Brother compatible).


I really like that!


now you have to print an use them… that’s awesome :slight_smile:


Hi there , im loving your label desigbs but rubbish at doing my own ,is there any chance you could do me a label design/template like yours pretty please ? Lol


@Big1nsig that was meant for you lol


I have been working on an excellent generic white label for my own custom creations. I’ll share it with everyone here once it’s done. It’ll have a little advert for my website in the fine print though;)


Ok thats brilliant thanks when do u think that will be and will we be able to edit strength and amount etc?