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Shipping charges?


I put 5 flavors in my cart and 150 ml bottle of 48 mg and my shipping charge was 31.00. I contacted NR and was told to pay the shipping and i would get reimbursed. I was told that my shipping charge should be around 7.00 but didnt recive an explantaion as to why my shipping was so high. Has anyone else. experinced high shipping costs with NR ? I have placed plenty of orders and this has never happened before…


Yes, I have experienced the same thing. With your 5 flavors and nic, how close are you to a $50 order? Makes it free shipping.


My order came to 21.00. They need to fix the issue.


Yeah, $31 is rediculous.


Yup but bit of a derail and it is international but man I hate the shipping gouge (i didnt buy this)


i noticed NR now charges hazmat on their nic. that could be a good part of the crazy charge. just checked NR and it appears the hazmat starts at a 60mg/ml size but not the 48. i bet they did the hazmat anyway but will reimburse


Yeah, so far as I can tell there are two basic fair shipping costs as a buyer – E-packet and free :P. But, having needed to ship things a few times myself I can say – shipping is just kinda pricey, and it’s amusing how cheap we’ve come to think of shipping something even across the entire world. Most shippers do not have Amazon’s breathtakingly vast warehousing network.


Always happy to pay reasonable shipping charges - the ones I listed (and the OP listed) above are outrageous (now dont get me wrong NR’s quote is clearly a mistake. After I contacted the vendor in that screen shot I got an email saying that is the price).

Since you mention around the world shipping being expensive yes it can be - that cart above I had the choice of $42 usd or $56 usd. Now resonable shipping charges from around the world to Australia well they look like this

£10.15 is $12.99 usd

Yup this is quite true and some even quote reasonable shipping charges without a vast warehousing network.


You can get it from Chefs beaut :smiley:


Thanks Love that is where that last cart is from :grinning: excellent shipping costs to Au.


Wait, what flavour is Labrynth? XD


Sweet Vanilla Caramel Fruit Cake


All prices are in USD

Anyway, I waded into the absolutely absurd world of hazmat shipping and – dear God man, mostly I discovered that a lot of the things I buy online can’t legally be shipped. I’m just gonna take NR’s word for it on the 45 USD per 4 litres for 60mg/ml+ nicotine, but which they seem to wave when you break into free shipping at 50 USD (this worked with just the small bottle costing like 25USD shipping, but the 1 litre by itself is free shipping)

As for the 48mg – a 60ml bottle came out to 3.39 shipping – 16.45 for a liter. And this is true for just VG as well.

But I put 150ml 48mg and 5 bottles of 1oz flavour for a total shipping of 10.55 – but here’s where things get interesting, add a no-fly flavour of any kind and it goes up to 25.56 – swapping for a second no-fly flavour doesn’t increase it.

Oh, and 60mg/ml 150ml of nicotine is 25.56 shipping as well, with or without a hazmat flavour, because it’s just anything that is hazmat that does this.

So, there are actually a couple things that could be happening here:

A: You got charged for hazmat nicotine due to a bug and it is either fixed now or not a guranteed bug.
B: You got charged for hazmat flavour – but given that NR already said that it was A, from what you said, I’m gonna assume it was A.

I couldn’t replicate 31USD – but that’s likely because of our locations.

Result: If ordering from someone who follows FedEx regulations in the US – go for the free shipping, because the shipping cost is gonna be as much or more than the purchase price otherwise (and basically end up costing over NR’s 50 USD barrier for free shipping anyway).

So the shipping gouge is real, but not what’s happening with Nicotine River.


I removed the nic from my cart. I really only need the flavors but i figured id stock up on a little more nic. The shipping for the 4 flavors all 10 ml is still 31.00… I live in New York state so shipping should only be a few dollars…


ouch i received 6 10ml bottles from Australia , and i live in WA state it was only $8.25 and i could have shipped more for the price


From NR web site
3. Why is UPS Ground the only shipping method that shows up when I have 60mg (and higher) liquid nicotine in my cart?

60mg, 100mg and 250mg liquid nicotine blends are considered UN1196, Class 6.1, Packaging Group lll material (60mg - 100mg) and are exclusively shipped UPS GROUND under the limited quantities 173.13 exception (PG II 1L; PG III 5 L). As an example, if there are 50 non-Hazmat items in your cart and an item that is tagged as “Hazmat” or “Hazmat-Ground” is added, the only shipping option that will appear during checkout is UPS GROUND.

UPS is expensive and generally suck in my opinion so this may have been the reason for the only expensive option available during check out.


I removed the Nic from my cart and only tried to order 4 flavors with a total of around $7 and the shipping charge is still 31.00 @Nicotine_River. Can this be fixed ?


Which flavor company is based in Australia. Im always on the hunt for new flavors.


lol juice factory , but the only reason i bought from them was because they had the original Inawera Milk Chocolate and the inventory was limited otherwise i would shop domestically , they did ship quick and cheap imo


Some of the vendors now have non hazmat flavors in addition to their regular ones. Only difference is one has ethyl alcohol, which brings on hazmat. However, if you go to tfa directly for example, you can order the non hazmat flavor as it will be marked as a “citrus punch II” instead of citrus punch. NR only has the flavors containing alcohol so I won’t get them. When you look for flavors, make sure to look for "contains ethyl alcohol " or something to that effect as it will affect your pocket.