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Shipping charges?


“Shipping” is auto-calculated and is often mis-calculated via the built-in website mechanics. Always remember there are real costs involved in the “Handling” portion too, so even when your stuff will fit in a $7 flat rate box the shipping total is designed to pay for bubblewrap and Human employee costs.

If it seems crazy, fill your cart and don’t complete Checkout, then negotiate with the Vendor for a more realistic/accurate Shipping figure, you might be surprised …but at the same time if everyone did that, we just added another person to the payroll …the Shipping Negotiator, and we just slowed down the whole Shipping process company-wide.

Shipping also gets pretty high when shipping Coast to Coast …it can triple. You can estimate actual shipping on the USPS website by checking what it would cost to ship something from your house to that company, but again remember all companies need to factor in a small degree of profit in that actual shipping cost in order to not lose money. There’s really no such thing as “Free Shipping” and Amazon has dominated the Marketplace with this little feelgood …trust me you’re paying for shipping in the price. Heh still gets me tho :wink:

This thread was good for letting people know that 48mg Nic is not considered Hazmat.


Yes exactly the same thing, I don’t feel right paying for ground shipping at the high rates instead of just USPS Standard Shipping. The PG & VG should not be considered dangerous.
My workaround is to Boycott NR until such time they can get it sorted out. Until then https://www.ecigexpress.com comes out a couple (2) cents cheaper for my total order.[quote=“BoDarc, post:21, topic:146529”]
“Shipping” is auto-calculated
It looks more to me like they are trying to force me to use a more expensive method for some rea$on. the cheapest method on the list is UPS, and in my area they just pass it off to USPS anyhow. So why should I pay an extra $20 when USPS delivers it anyhow??


It’s called mail innovation. It’s a standard mail option with priority mail cost that uses ups ground them usps final delivery. It really is a shitty idea for the consumer cause it is very expensive and slow. Real flavors is doing the same thing. It cost me dearly for 4 flavors and took two weeks to get here whereas if they just mailed it first class, the price would have been very reasonable and would have had it in 3 days. RF used to use priority. They all need a scolding


www.ecigexpress.com does not use mail innovation, and as a result my order was a lot cheaper their. Saved about $8. Shipping was only like $6. and for the PG and VG I ordered its exactly the same thing from what i’ve read.
and the ELRECIPES code works for an added discount.


Understood, however I wasnt referring to exigexpress.


I swear i think i have an addiction. Im constantly breaking the bank on gear and flavors. I wonder if i need a little help :slight_smile: I have over 100 flavors i still tend to think i need more.


100 is small potatoes compared to a lot of people its an ongoing battle of mine as well , ive found i only use 20 to 30 flaves consistently but i always need another lol , im not big on gear give me a mod the will fire a cleito and crown and im set for life lol but it is nice to experiment , usually with the hardware im way behind times its hard for me to pull the trigger on something


I just ordered a clieto because you rave about it and im always on the hunt for a good flavor enhancing tank. i currently have only one mod but many tanks. I just cant find one that enhaces fllavor.


i love the cleito if your going to use the stock coils grab the .4ohm id also grab the rta/rba once you get the wicking down its as good as the stock coils , @MysticRose also use the cleito id leave the 120 alone and the exo but the original will always be in my rotation


Yep. I thought they were the ugliest things ever. But after @fidalgo_vapes raves on it all the time! I finally tried one. Love it with the .4 coils. Not the SS .4 coils, they don’t have as good a flavor. I have 2 of them now, and I’m always using at least one.


NR has crazy shipping prices, though I received an email from them saying they fixed the problem, guess not. Anywho, My Freedom Smokes actually has good Nic you can get a liter for $40.00 I still have one in the freezer and the first one I got has lasted almost 2 years now.


I was just looking on MFS for la butter rum what is with the upload a drivers license thing for age verification? Not something I have seen or will do.


To be honest, I don’t know. I have never head of it. I have never done such a thing, of course it has been quite sometime since I ordered something from them. I think I will head over there and find out. No clue, maybe because I have been a member for a couple years now.

  • Are you looking for Loranne butter rum? I have it and like it. Cool thing about LA is you can get it a meijers or wal-mart or just about anywhere that sells candy making supplies. My mom is quite the candy making grandma and I swiped ( I mean barrowed) it from her stash.:sunglasses:


check out my edit


Ya I can’t get it at either store since I am in Au - I can get 1 dram bottles here but was looking for a little more. Many of the companies won’t ship la to Australia (I assume due to the alcohol content). I just dropped them an email see what turns up.
the first image is what I get when i try to check out

Once i fill that form in I get


That totally sucks Ya I wouldn’t do it either, hope you can get it somewhere else


Yes! When first joining this forum I went to NR to order VG, PG, & Nic and the shipping came to $31.00. I’m your neighbor - New Joizy.

After I saw that calculation for shipping, I knew that I had to shop around. So I decided to go with Essentials Depot for VG & PG. Then I went to MyFreedomSmokes for nic (I don’t shop for nic @ MyFreedomSmokes anymore because of the security breach in their system).


i get most everything from nicotine river, i just make sure i spend at least $50.00 and get free shipping! it’s just kinda slow. takes about 7 to 10 days to get from California to the Midwest.


I still cant belive that x4 capella 10 ml flavors had a shipping charge of 31.00.


I know, but i do my calculations on the price of supplies including shipping, i have gone thru most of the online suppliers and have found that nicotine river offers the best value as long as you hit the free shipping quota. that being said there shipping calculator has been broken since they started offering free shipping, from what i understand.