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Shipping charges?


Not sure if you tried these guys yet…they are the only vendor I use for flavors. And their Cappellas are not re-bottled. They are the original 13ml size. Pop in those 4 flavors you are interested in and see what it comes to with ship…never know.



Love bullcity. great prices, fast shipping, and awesome customer service.


I’m all about trying some Holy Vanilla too but their shipping charges make it prohibitive.


Amen to that :+1:


I’ve never seen it anywhere else. It’s their “one hit wonder” and they charge way too much for shipping it. I’m sure more peeps would use it if they had reasonable rates. Seems kind of short sighted, but hey that’s their prerogative


I swear some of these vendors lay on these deep discount deals and then blow up the shipping/handling charges to make it up. Buyer beware. I’m always adding on like 50% more to order to get the free shipping (i.e. Wizard L), hate paying so much for shipping. Alternatively (aside from consumables) you can always wait for that slooooow boat from …


Wow, the prices and shipping are great. :smile:
Thank you


My pleasure :+1: @BullCityFlavors is on ELR too if you ever have any questions.

Edit: I totally forgot about the discount code! Sorry. Use “elrecipes” on your next order or now if you didn’t place it yet :+1:


Good morning Robin,

I will private message you. I would love to dig deeper into this and see what the problem is.

Thank you!


ok thank you. I removed the nicotine and the shipping charge is still 31.00 I already ordered form another comoany but i do love your company and order often so fixing the issue would be wonderful.


To all on this thread, we have done some reworking on our website. Shipping charges for flavorings should be significantly cheaper :slight_smile:


That’s good, does PG and VG have to be shipped hazmat? no USPS Standard shows up in the pick list.


PG and VG are not hazmat. When I’m back in the office tomorrow I will look into this! It’ll be an easy fix :slight_smile:


When everyone had complaints about the company that has issues, was the first thought to come here or communicate with them via the site?

I mean if there is a complaint voice it here, but also voice it with them directly. It shows actual trying to rectify the issue in more than just bitching on a website. There are even extra avenues here to do it privately.

What I am saying is what in the actual fuck is the boycott about? The fucking arrogance, pathetic bitching to try to persuade other people to another website, or lack of fucking trying to actually deal with the issue.

What in the fuck did this thread actually try to accomplish here?

Stop bitching and get the problems resolved personally. If that doesn’t work then come and complain. I guarantee that this thread did not take the time to talk to the company. Just took to the fucking streets to yell and complain like a town cryer. Holy fuck, take some initiative. If results are not seen then come here and say I did this, this, this, and this and still no results. Then 10 times out of 10 some one will come and help.

Sorry for my rant. Tired of companies getting bashed for buyer laziness, absolute fucking laziness.


I emailed them first as i always do, BUT i wanted to know if anyone else had this issue. I feel this is my home and i can ask questions if i need to.


PM’D you. Should be in your inbox.


and thats absolutely your perogative , the shipping charges have been out of whack enough that posting it is legit , how one person sees fit to announce something may not be anothers way , im not so sure it has to do with laziness etc… it also allows members to be aware that something is wrong and to watch out , your good robin theres nothing wrong with posting problems like this.


what boycot? I heard it mentioned, maybe I just skimmed over it. Anywho, we were just talking. Is this thread supposed to accomplish something? I am not sure we trying to accomplish anything, though it appears that something was accomplished after all. A whole paragraph and not one F bomb… Fuck: :no_mouth:


@Nicotine_River perhaps you could advise why you will not ship nicotine to New Zealand.
I have been buying 100mg x 1lt from another source with no issues.


I think you will find that NR are obeying the hazmat rules as set down by u.s mail after they got a significant fine.