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Shipping charges?


Are you aware of any other nic source that ships to our end of the world? @woftam


Will PM You


May have jumped the gun on things, but it is my opinion and stand behind it. I have talked with OP and things are good.

I did not make this personal at all. No names were mentioned. Just my opinions.


That was harsh. All she did was ask a question. She didn’t bash them in any way. I’m not understanding. She did write in her thread post that [quote=“robin, post:1, topic:146529”]
I was told that my shipping charge should be around 7.00 but didnt recive an explantaion as to why my shipping was so high.

I had took that statement as she contacted the company first. Then came on here to ask a question about shipping.


You can stand by your opinions. Sure enough. You didn’t mention any names, but it’s clear whom this message was directed to.


Right on bro, I did not take anything personal and I am glad you didn’t either. I know what passion sounds like and when you believe in something, you get passionate and that is something I never condemn.

Peace :vulcan_salute:


Leilani : That was harsh. All she did was ask a question. She didn’t bash them in any way. I’m not understanding.

You can stand by your opinions. Sure enough. You didn’t mention any names, but it’s clear whom this message was directed to.

How is it clear to whom he was replying? This post has 65 replies to it. Skull blade could have been replying to any one, or all of them.
I’ll grant you Skullblade is passionate about things he feels strongly about and occasionally goes into rants about things. He had no right to come into this thread and scold anyone, (again, the passionate belief thing), but by the same token, you had no right to come in here to scold anyone either. I’m pretty sure @robin is perfectly capable to fight her own battles, yes even against the formiddable SkullBlade. There is no need to jump on the bandwagon


I didnt scold him, We talked about it. in privateI guess i should have read ALL of the replies before putting in my 2 cents but since i started the thread i didnt want there to be chaos and bickering, when all i asked was if anyone else had shipping issues.


No… Not you robin, you didn’t scold him. You did absolutely nothing wrong in my opinion.
Although I posted this in your thread, I wasn’t talking about you. I apologize if you thought I was.


Who was it directed at? Tell me oh wise person.

(Yes this above is directed at @Leilani since this person took the time to
direct this at me. I think its only fair.)

Harsh, how? Someone telling the reality of what is becoming the norm.
Complaining about a company online when personally the buyer did nothing to
rectify the issue. (NOT TALKING ABOUT THE OP. Lets make this clear for the
people that need clarification here.) Not an email, contact, PM here or
anything. I have seen it way too many times here (on the forum, other
forums, and not by the OP so touchy feelies can be spared here) and other
places. It hit a boiling point with me. I have passion for what I do and
create. Those that truly know me know that I am very passionate about what
I do. It shows in my juices and what I create. I have been around long
enough in the vaping communities to see the decline in passion! I am tired
of the government coming in and regulating things and then people (NOT THE
OP) start bashing companies and they lose business. The more people bash
about companies the more we stand a chance to lose the chance to vape or

Is the company responsible for its product and what they stand for? Yes,
very much the hell yes! I know that NR has personally taken care of just
about every issue or has made it right with their customers. There may be
onesies or twosies out there that could not get resolved, but damn near
every customer complaint to them has been handled in my opinion way better
than most companies. It may take some time to get to the bottom of the
issue, but it will get resolved. Several follow ups may be needed, but in
the end it gets resolved. NR takes care of damn near every customer. They
have to investigate to resolve the issue. It takes time to do that.

My opinion here is that @Nicotine_River has probably one of the better
customer services in the industry. Bull City Vapors is second in line.
These companies go above and beyond usually to help customers and rectify
their issues.

So for all of the counters out there, not one “F-Bomb” was used.

Could I have. You bet your fucking ass I could have.

Okay you got your one "F-Bomb":grinning:!!!


he was referring to anyone who made a comment on this thread PERIOD , if thats how someone takes it since he didnt point anyone out

practice what your preaching

and so can skullblade

hypocrisy imo since your doing the same to her…


NR has known shipping issues. It’s discussed often in their thread.