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Shipping Cost Woes for Flavor Concentrates


I’m looking to order a few flavors and I’ve noticed there are big differences in shipping cost from vendor to vendor. I saw this earlier from @Nicotine_River and now I see it’s spreading to other vendors. This really suck for us.


Gremlin DIY

Nicotine River

Bull City


Nicotine Rivers shipping cost is why I didn’t place a larger order and likely won’t be ordering again… I’ll stick with gremlindiy unless I absolutely have to pick somewhere else.


From my understanding it is illegal to ship certain flavor types by USPS and at some point all vendors will be under the same umbrella when it comes to how they ship certain flavors or pay a hefty fine if they are caught.


I was just attempting to order VG when I had my issue with their shipping (didn’t end up ordering because the cheapest shipping option was the same price as the gallon of VG). Even the order I did place was $11 shipping UPS ground for a liter of pg, a few 1oz/2oz flavors and 5 glass bottles.


WOW!!! Thanks for the info. I haven’t needed to order VG or PG in a while. I’ll keep this in mind when the time comes.

That’s where I placed my last order (PG/VG). The Glycubes are a great deal and their PG/VG works well for me.


I’ll be waiting for the essential depot deal the next time I need vg/pg.


Getting Glycubes directly from Essential Depot when they have their great sales combined with their regular coupons is probably the best deal pricewise. But I’m living in an AirBnB at the moment and I don’t have much room to store four gallons of VG/PG. Since two gallons is a little easier to store than four, I just order Essential Depot VG and PG a gallon at a time from Amazon. With ‘free’ 2 day shipping (thanks Prime!) it comes out to ~2/3rd’s of a penny per ml, so it actually still ends up being a pretty good deal.


I was really trying to shed some light on small orders such as a single flavor concentrate with the same shipping cost as a gallon of VG/PG. I’m talking 8-16 ounces. I personally think it’s too much and maybe now is the time to grab those small essentials you might need before all vendors are shipping UPS or Fedex for certain flavors.


ya buying one item isnt an option for anymore im waiting for @ecigexpress to have a will call option for their bellingham location


Will ask again about the status of that again tomorrow:)


While you are here, i havent order from y’all in quite a long time and id like to ask about it now while i remember. Last time i tried to place an order, for flavorings only, i was asked to supply a birthday. I am phraking terrible with birthdays and money too, now here is my issue:

I was using the wifes credit card, im not allowed cuz money thing, and it asked me for the bday, which of course would be hers and i cant exactly ask her if i ever want to have super happy funtime again…

So my question is why was i asked for extra information while purchasing only flavorings? Is this still the case?


Ok So I saw this question and then showed it to our CSR department. they said the reason we ask birthdays is we operate under the assumption that there might be nicotine in the order.
It is ok to supply your birthday and still move forward with your transaction.


Ahh, nice. Thank you muchly! I know my bday cuz everyone tells me its coming up and its on my drivers license.

Nice work on the site, BTW, last time i was on it it was horribly slow but i see many of the issues have been cleared up.

Thanks again.


Shipping cost woes are why I wait until I need several items before ordering so I can meet the minimum requirements for free shipping. The downside to that was being out of Vanilla Custard v1 CAP for a month.


That had to be absolute hell! I couldnt vape without it.


I love Capella Vanilla custard V1 as well.
Been trying to cut back a little… I tend to get trapped in my palette sometimes:(


NR sometimes makes you get fedex ground even when Nothing is flammable. comes up as only option. that is dumb. i live in the country and buy practically everything online from underwear to auto parts. Everywhere uses usps which is twice as fast and less than half the price. also nr always sends stuff to me in boxes instead of padded envelopes. i have received multiple 250mL liquids in Glass bottles wrapped in bubbles and put in padded envelope and Never had an issue. they can say they got fined all they want, but it’s the system they use that wastes our money.


don’t get me wrong, i like their company. products and prices and cxservice is great, but the shipping methods in relation to cost is a HUGE CON! im not going to pay 50-80% or 200% the item cost for shipping. order a $3 item and pay $9 to ship it? i dont care if it’s radioactive, what to speak of flammable! and even when it’s not flammable the shipping prices are not at par with the other 8billion retail sites on the web. if companies ship shoes and bags of cement cheaper than they ship a few bottles of 3$ liquid, they are f#@$ing up somewhere. i can order a lithium battery at a dozen other sites for cheaper


I compared my last 4 orders from other companies and NR came in last place mostly based on shipping costs.

Got me gigglin’! HEHEheheHEHE


what i like about them is their prices for the products are good and they have a great selection. but i can practically order whats on my list from one vendor and get the rest from another vendor and have 2 packages shipped for Still less shipping cost, but usually there are other places that have everything i need to order on a given request anyway. but if they fire whoever is in charge of the shipping department and get their dookie straight i would practically order everything from them.