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Shout out to the Temp Control Peoples


So, I have all the stuff to finally utilize a temp control vaping lifestyle coming in the mail. I would love to hear from the people who swear by it and why it’s better than the old watt life?

YIHI VS. DNA loaded question?

Temp control is not necessarily better than watts. It’s just smoother. In Watts mode as long as you keep pressing the fire button it will keep getting hotter. That’s why most regulated mods have a ten second shut off. Temp control does exactly what it’s name implies. It reads the resistance change of the coil and that tells it what the temperature is. It then lowers or raises the temperature to keep it constant. This gives you a much smoother vape. That is why some people like it so much. It’s also why only certain types of wire are used in temp control. Nickle or Ni200, Titanium or TI and Stainless steel in temp control and Kanthal, or Nicrome in watts mode but with one exception. Stainless steel can be used in both. You must never use Kanthal or Nicrome in temp mode and never use Nickle or Titanium in watts mode.

I have used temp control exclusively since it started but recently I’ve gone back to using watts mode a lot because I like the stronger hit. It’s a matter of taste.


Beautiful answer! Thank you! I like the idea of “smooth”.


That’s it exactly, at least for me. On TC my mod fires at 70 watts and then ramps down to 25 or so but gives a smooth, cool vape the whole way through. If I fired at 70 watts in wattage mode I’d choke to death.


My answer will depend on the Mod that you are going to use for TC but in general it is just a more consistent vape from start to finish.

So, what Mod are you going to use for TC? :sunglasses:


OK… so I have this here Segeili 213 and this Releaux 2/3? Do give your opinions.


Ouch, I hate to say it but neither of those are going to give you an optimal Temp Control experience. Especially if you are new to Temp Control. In my opinion the Reuleaux performs better than the 213 but it is still not great at Temp Control. From my experience the 213 is about the worst at TC of any that I have tried. What atomizer are you going to use and what coil material.


My kid isn’t worried at all… but I’m going to be using Uwell Crown 3 III Sub Ohm Tank (Big One, Not Small one) The coils are SS.

She was testing the Temp Control while I was on the phone with her and she said she wasn’t seeing any weird behavior from the tank.


It will work but it may not be the most pleasant experience. Those mods just don’t have the consistency as higher quality mods. Most people that I know give up on TC because they cant get good results with the devices they have. After upgrading to a better mod they are quite surprised at how much better the experience is. I have botth of those devices but really only use them in wattage mode after extensive testing. If you have any setup questions let me know and I can try and help out.


Have to agree with Louie here. Most hardware (and in some cases firmware) aren’t up to the task of properly handling TC. You are almost automatically limited to either a DNA, or a YiHi chipped device to get consistent results. The close second to those would probably be the Hohm chip, which supposedly does TC well (and is reported to even do TC on kanthal, though why anyone would is beyond me when SS is head and shoulders better).

There are some good mods out there that do TC fairly well (very well in fact, given the price difference). One of which is the Cuboid 150 (which also has the added bonus of TCR mode, so you can tailor it to your exact wire preference, IF you know the value). There’s only a few in this category though IMHO… So do be prepared to do a LOT of homework before pulling the trigger on anything NOT in the first paragraph, or mentioned by folks you trust here!


@Maureeenie don’t have the 213 - I do have a couple of 2/3 which I wasn’t a huge fan of until i put the arctic fox firmware on them.

I have profiles for the 2/3 for most wires if you are not into doing the config.



Ok…that is perfect! Thank you everyone for helping me out!

I’m supposed to be getting the tanks today, its Saturday so hubby will drag me around his various haunts. I’m going to at least try to get the tanks cleaned and going in wattage mode tonight and I will start bugging you guys on Sunday or Monday.

You guys are awesome!


My Vaporesso Nebula seems to do TC just fine but I’ve never used any other TC mod so I don’t have anything to compare to.


I’ve got a Tarot Pro that does a nice job with TC as well. I think a lot of Vaperesso’s boards/chip set.


Nickle and Titanium also have the capacity to emit toxic fumes at high temperatures. Although technically this should not be a problem, it’s a bit of a red flag for me. Another reason to gravitate toward stainless. I was using a Smok GX350 one day in TC and it just decided to jump out of TC and set itself at max power. I got the vape from hell. I think of that when I think of Nickle and Titanium.


Thanks Walt! (I’ve never trusted Nickle or Titanium) Actually thank you everyone!

So I got the tank this afternoon. I’m running this thing on wattage right now… these coils must have a minimum of 65 watts or they taste weird and wont chuck. It’s warmer than this old bat is used to but it’s not hot and that is very good!

The coils are .5 and SS.

Honestly…flavor wise, they are ok but not living up to the flavor hype I was promised from several reviewers and my own children. (Do they ever live up to it? My own children! What the heck, right? I was told there was no ramp… there’s some kind of ramp because I’m tasting cotton)

But maybe I’m not being fair to the coil here….

I’m gonna let this tank sit overnight and let that liquid saturate into those cotton fibers and see if it taste a little better in the morning on wattage.

In the mean time, given the fact these coils are .5, Stainless Steel and need 65 watts to perform any amount of chuckage… what do you temp control experts believe is the best starting temperature for me?



I’m not familiar with your mod so I can’t say exactly how it will respond. Both YiHi and DNA mods respond very smoothly. They will start ramping down the power as the coils approach the desired temperature and then hold the temperature evenly. This makes the wattage available a function of ramp up time only. Say you were to use 100W. Your ramp up time to the set temperature would be much less than 65W. At some point if the wattage is set too low the mod will never reach the set point. Mods that do not do as smooth of a job of temp control have a tendency to “pump”. The temperature will ramp up beyond the set point. The mod will respond by cutting the wattage (voltage actually) and the temperature will drop below the set point. The mod will again increase the power and the cycle will continue throughout the vape. On mods that act like this, high wattage settings will accentuate the problem and the peaks and valleys in temperature will be quite pronounced. There are some mods like the Segelei 213 that just don’t do TC even though they claim to. On mods like those it’s hard to tell the difference between power mode and TC mode.

Hope this helps.


Oh and to answer your question directly, I set my mods at 60W in TC for a 0.5Ω coil. I don’t see a problem with 65.


Oh no that helps a great deal!

There’s one guy on youtube (I will have to find him again) who did a very long video of how to get TC to work on the 213, it was not an easy task - he did like 5-6 custom settings.

So… what you are saying is, (if I’m hearing you right) …is I can put a mod into TC mode and use the wattage as the set point to get to the sweet spot for how I need it?


No, you will use the wattage only to control the ramp up time. How long it takes for your vape to get up to the set temperature. From there you will use the temperature to modify flavor. I start at 375°F which is a very cool vape to me. then push it up by maybe 20° and try it again. I do that until I get a balance between flavor and heat that I like best. I like my temperature at a point where it never gets to hot to vape. That way I can control my vapor intake completely with the length of the draw. If I want a cloud, I give it a good long draw. It’s surprising how much vapor you can produce in TC.