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Small 85 to 100W device, Single Cell


So does any one have a reccomendation for a small single battery device that is 85 to 100 watts? I am looking for basically a heavy duty small travel device. Thanks.


If you are looking for an 18650 device the 80-100w range I feel bad exceeds/pushes the batter to hard.

For the 55-66’ish range on an 18650 device my ipvD2 device is about 1.5yrs old and still working great. It’s paired with my kayfun v5.

I don’t own any 22650(not sure of this number but you know the bigger battery) but some claim to go higher. But many of the battery device reviews I have seen report when the battery is half full they get a weak battery signal at higher wattages. Rocking at the 35-65w range gets the performance ppl are looking for.

Outside of that you may be looking at a lipo device. Which I don’t own any and don’t have enough knowledge to comment.

That said. The ipv d3 is the upgrade to the d2. Pretty much the same device just a hair better. I would recommend it.

And after tapping this post out on my phone I have decided not to grammar check. Lol.


I had the Sigelei spark for a long time (It got stolen), and that was my go to device for running around. I still miss it lol


Hohm slice half price at vaporcube use “SLICEPRICE” it’s 26650 though. Amazing value.

I found my rx75 single 18650 just not enough battery.

Use my slice for running around at RC meets. Perfect.


This thread is a single 18650 comparison, I think 80w will be tops.


This would be a good device. 101 watts single battery device that will do TC and fire low ohm builds. $34 shipped.


I’d recommend going for a lipo, too. Vaping at 85-100W on a single 18650 won’t work - at least I don’t know any regulated devices that would do that. You could, of course, go mechanical and vape in that range, but be prepared to carry a few spare cells around, so that wouldn’t fit in with your goal of a carry-on either.
With a lipo you get more punch and higher amp limits, in comparison, but the downside is you don’t get a lot of mah. That means you would be carrying a usb charger with you and plug it in whenever you get the chance - that’s the good thing about low mah, they charge fast.

If you want a carry-on for 85-100W, my real recommendation would be a dual 18650 in series, just look for a compact one like the Cricket 2. That one is more or less the same size as many single cell devices and will surely meet your needs. Remember to rethink your building for series! Stay safe :wink:


I saw the new baby alien AL85. It does 85 watts. Do I need one that high, no. I need to be able to get to 55 to 60 watts.


My experience is 1 18650 is not enough. The alien 220 is only marginally bigger than the single 18650.

Either a 26650 or an alien is definitely the go.

I’ll be confident you’ll find the al85 ok for half a battery. Then fade badly, it’s just the physics of it. I don’t touch my single regulated 18650 mod. I do use my slice a lot.


It is just a device to putt around with. Tired of carrying a huge mod and 4 batteries. I started using my Cloupor Mini Plus again, but just want a tiny bit more ummmph.


The slice is the best value for money by a long shot. However, vaporcubes customer service is shite and you will need 26650 batteries.

If you haven’t a alien 220 already they are a great unit. Only slightly bigger than the al85. That’s dual 18650 best I reckon. Paint issue. I didn’t care, but use silicon sleeve.

For single 18650 I looked around its RX75 or Al85 but they are not that much smaller. As stated they lack power. Quickly.

Hopefully my experience can prevent any unused or neglected mods going forward. Knowing your a squonker too you wouldn’t be much below 40w I’d imagine often. Keep it in mind. Enjoy whatever you choose.


Really leaning towards this one.


You could also look at

It is alot smaller than the et and a lot lighter (not nearly as cool tho)


Do you like yours?


Ya it is a nice little mod, easy carry - I like both of them but I just weighed them and the et is 400gm compared with the target at 250g both have crown 1’s on them. The screen on the target is a bit bigger and easier to read. They both perform about equal.


Do you happen to have an RX 200S or something similar for size comparison?


Will it only house 22mm devices?


Nice table, by the way.


They will both fit a tfv8 on them which i think is almost 25 with no overhang.

Here is a shot with a nc2 and a rx2/3

and a side on so you can see the thickness.


It to derail but are you using the RBA on those Crowns?