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Small 85 to 100W device, Single Cell


One does one doesnt.


Thanks by the way. I appreciate your inputs.


My goal is to travel lighter with one box of batteries vice 3 boxes.


If you are looking for a light carry while super cool the et is not the mod for you. It weighs more that the rx 2/3


Mod does not have to be lighter. The amount of batteries does.


I like a solid device. I hate a bunch of plastic. I want to feel heft in my mod. I like a heavy mod vice a real light one. I like the feel of metal vice plastic.


I hear you. I am the same I am kinda rough on mods lol. The target is not a platic feel mod while ligher than the et it is still solid feeling the et feels like a brick compared to it - the et weighs in 70 grams more than an alien 220 with a full tfv8 - it is very heavy. would probably make your pants fall down if it was in a pocket lol.

One last shot. I dont think I have Trump hands but it may give you a better idea.


What size devices can you put on there? 22mm - ???


Last question I swear.


Can fit a tfv8 both of them so 25 ish mm


Thanks. My Griffin 25 might be tight, but a good fit.


Thank you again for your patience mate.


No problem happy to help.

Ok 2 more pics lol

pharoah on the target

and on the et

a little overhang and a little space between


You should def stick with a lipo, for a start youll get a much smaller device with a heck of a lot more umph and no power lag you get with single 18650’s, i absolutely recommend the RX mini for 80w or the Serpent mini for 50w πŸ–’


Trying to stay away from lypo batteries. Not my mug of coffee.

I have had lypo and they have failed me miserably.

I may go with a 2 battery set up. Just trying to reduce battery carry.


Would go for 2 cell mod for these wattage ranges. Smok alien or joyetech cuboid or something similar, they aren’t much bigger then a single cell.


Thank you.


I dont think anything comes smaller than the Alien for duel bats its just a shame about the paint, solid mod apart from that tho πŸ–’πŸ–’


Just shows its love of use. LOL. Not too worried about paint. I read your review of the alien.


Curiosity is killing the cat here. What is the best mod you have or reviewed?