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Stainless steel build Help


Hi all! I enjoy using stainless steel for all of my builds, mostly single strand, twisted and parallel so far. My tank is a sense Herakles RTA running dual coils usually build at or around .2 ohm. I am looking to expand my builds. My question is, can I do a clapton or fused Clapton using only stainless steel? Thanks in advance


Yes. Is there any other way? :sunglasses:


Yes - That is what I do.


What would be a good start? I have the following 22,24,26,28,30,32,34,36,38, and 40ga.


You can use Steam Engine Wire Wizard to play around and figure out what the resistance of each will yield. You can find it here: http://www.steam-engine.org/wirewiz.html
I would start with trying either one or two strands of 28 or 30 wrapped with either 36 or 38 (40 if you are really good, breaks easy).


Personally I use either 2x30g + 40g or 2x28g + 40g 5/6 wraps dual coil, but as long the wrap wire is at least 8 gauges higher that the core wire you are fine, and the rest is a matter of personal taste.


Plus, the thinner your wrap wire the quicker it will ramp up.


I was playing with an app that I found called Vape Tool for a bit and all the numbers that I put in kept coming out to .09 or worse. But I was using my thicker wire (22-26) for cores🤔


Steam Engine is pretty good. In the first lower column (don’t remember the prompt) you can choose Clapton. In the lower left hand column you can choose the number of core wires. Pretty accurate and there are some other indices you can reference that will give you a good idea of how they will ramp up and how much heat they will develop.


Thank you all. I am going to be out of work for a few months, I’ll have plenty of time to mess around and try new types of wire. Really excited to hear that all ss is possible because I couldn’t really find and tutorils on the matter.


I don’t wrap my own coils. But I have used ss Clapton’s in my rta’s. For inspiration take a look at advanced vape supply. That’s what they sell. They make some thinner gauge Clapton’s in ss that I have used with success and ohm’ing around the 0.2-0.3 range.


I dont wrap my own, or use rta, or vape dual coils, but all I vape are prebuilt SS coils from AVS. You could check out their prebuilt coils for an idea of what cores/wraps to use for the ohms you want also - https://www.advancedvapesupply.com/collections/prebuilt-ss-coils


I’ve been having a good experience with two 28x36 claptons twisted together then flattened. Good flavor and vapor.


I like vape tool, it’s a solid app. I don’t make my own wire but as already mentioned by others, I purchase my spools from advanced vape supplies as well. And the wrap the coils myself.

I’m very happy with the triple fused (28Gx3/36G), quad core fused (30Gx4/40G) and staggered fused claptons (28Gx2/32G/32G).

Ramp up is no issue and I can even use them at lower watt/temperature. Only issue im having sometimes, it’s hard to get these specific ones above 0.4 ohm, unless you use like 10wraps kind of bs lol. But I’m sure a higher gauge might be able to fix that since you building yourself.

Sorry I can’t be more of help, but wire is not my strong point :frowning: but at least I answered the question of stainless steel only wires lol.


Just to be a party pooper, I find simple build work best, specially in TC. My 0.1 x 0.5 mm and 0.1x1mm ribbons, and my 0.4mm round wire, all SS316L give just as good results as the fancy SS claptons.
I just can’t get the vandy vape MTL mini parallel clapton to work in TC, no idea why.


If you get a chance try a Kanthal core and stainless fuse or even a nichrome core and stainless fuse.
These days I tend to lean away from using one type of wire in a build because using different wires has different peak heats and characteristics which helps to bring out the juices full range of flavours…


Never thought of it. Thanks. I’ll have plenty of time to experiment. I have a whole crap load of kanthal sitting because I found stainless tastes better and haven’t used ka1 since.


Do you run your rta on a mech mod?


No. I have a Geekvape legend.


Why try for a build around .2 ohm then? Ohms mean nothing to a regulated mod as long as it will fire it, you could build to .2 with 28g and be using 20 watts or build to .2 with 22g and need 100 watts, if you want to expand your coil builds stop building for a mech mod and use the full range of your regulated mod. If your Clapton’s ohm at .1 it doesn’t really matter as long as your mod will read and fire that low. The only time ohm matters to a regulated mod is in temp control. With the variety of gauge wire you have, you have a crazy number of different coils you could build, and instead of worrying about ohms use the wattage you want to use as a model of what to build with, if you like high wattage hot coils you can do a fused Clapton with 24 or 26g or you could wrap 2x30/38 for a lower wattage Clapton coil, you could also twist 4 strand of 32 or 34, look up the chain link coil build on the search bar of this forum, @Cutlass92 did a great write up on how to build those and they are easier than Clapton coils, iirc he uses 28g but I have built them with 34g and a magnifying lens lol