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Stainless steel build Help


You could also Check out the coil building show off thread for inspiration, especially the first one that is closed now, tons of crazy good builds in that thread.


:+1: Yes, this is where the Steam Engine comes in handy. Low sub-ohm builds have their place, but that place may not be your place. I build for lower wattage because that’s how I like it. Others build to get triple digit wattage draws and that’s fine too, of course. Steam Engine will help you determine how the build you want will operate, and the best ranges for it.

In other words, don’t let the build dictate your style. Let your style and preference determine your build.


Yep, although I have been using an app called coil builder on my iPhone for Clapton’s and staples, etc. I think it is a little easier to build how I want, but I still use steam engine for round/parallel/twisted builds.


I fell into the trap when I was new. I was taught ‘the lower the better’. So I would make these big honkin’ things that would ohm out at .15 and lower, yet still kept vaping in the 40-60w range because that’s the wattage I wanted to use. Never got the right happy place until I figured out that whole build to wattage style thing.


It’s a deep pool to jump into, not only do you have your preference as to what power range you want to use, but your atty also has a window it performs best in. I’m currently struggling with the pulse 24, it has so much airflow that I have to build hotter than I normally like or else the flavor is too thin, and I have some rta’s that my normal 60w build is too hot, gotta build for the 40 watt range. It can really be frustrating sometimes lol but when you nail it then it’s a beautiful thing, coil specs vs airflow and chamber size is on of the least mentioned and most important things for flavor chasing.


Goodbye pulse24!! :wink:

Seriously though, that’s all true, and for me SS makes it even harder thanks to its’ super low resistance.


Ribbon wire, higher resistance, higher area, lower mass.
It can be so low mass that it confuses TC

A right pain to wrap as it is springy.

Reactive wire + TC, no burn and long lasting batteries :unicorn:


I have found that ribbon wire has an effect on some flavors that is very different than round wire. I recently did a side by side with 28/36 Clapton wire and 0.2x0.8 ribbon in my two boreas tanks, both hitting a heat flux of 270 at 57 watts, with my recipe called honeymoon.

Should be very strawberry forward with marshmallow and rose in the background, but on the ribbon wire coils it was marshmallow forward and a lot of the juicier top notes from the strawberry were completely missing.


Strange, I tend to get fairly similar but I TC.
Could it be that the end temperature is actually different for both builds as the ribbon has different geometry…


Quite possibly, but I don’t know the formula to do that math, heat flux is the most consistent thing I know how to use, way more consistent than comparing wrap count or coil ohm. My results are also only valid with the tank I used and the recipe I used, do the same side by side in an rda might get completely different results, that’s part of what makes building fun for me, I can always have something to tinker with lol


No math or very complicated math apply at this point. I suspect embedding a thermometer would be cheaper :slight_smile: Also, the cotton/wiring coupling is quite different for ribbon and round wire (and possibly clapton). Too many variable to consider to predict the end result in more details than ‘I think it is going to work’.

I think heat flux is a pretty good indication still, tells you how much you are going to burn your juice. The final temp is probably more related to power x airflow.


Do you use a certain method to flatten or just a basic hammer?


I saw someone but can’t remember who, using their pasta maker to flatten their braided builds LOL.

Probably not a method to become very popular, but I watched it regardless for the shit and giggles.

When I get home tonight, I’ll see if I find that video, just for entertainment purposes if anything :wink:


You could use a hammer, but I prefer to work smarter and not harder. One of these is quick and flattens nice and even. Plus you can use it for pasta as well


yes but dont you hate when the vape taste like pasta?


I dunno…a basil garlic pesto might not be too bad…


Well here comes the spoiler… (I have a rep for this kind of post) but I do feel a need to insert a different opinion. I’ve been using Ti with TC for about 3 years now. It has just worked best over the years for ME.

Back in 2015 there was a wire that was totally new to vaping called G Plat. (<<< CLICK HERE). At that time it was the best most amazing wire I ever tried. It was very, very expensive and a total secret by the one vendor that supplied it. The Notorious CROWN V1 was the 1st tank manufacturer to utilize this wire and it was an instant hit.

Well someone on Reddit found someone to test this wire and the results… DRUM ROLEIT WAS SS!!! I twisted it and claptoned it to death, and I was just so effing happy with the results… but then came Ti and all the hard work came to an end.

Although twisting and winding wire is still popular today… I found it not necessary to achieve a premium vape experience. Once I married spaced dual coil 22 gauge TI and a DNA Mods I found my BLISS. I have tried a clapton or 2 since then, but Ti in TC just hit the spot for me… even now.

It’s longevity is insane. When you master building, cleaning and wicking it, it’ll out last any wire hands down. I run 6 Boreas tanks and I’ve only had to change 1 coil this year. YMMV.


Ti looks tempting but then it burns if not dealt with properly, and is TC only.

Even in TC, I had a coil break a couple of weeks back, I fear what the result would have been with a ti build.


I agree, I think SS is the all around winner for being clean tasting, long lasting, and versatile in TC or power. And I agree with the simple build. I did run the full gambit of building but eventually settled back to a simple single strand parallel. Hang in there UPS and you’ll find your happy place.


I do understand your concerns, but this isn’t exclusive to Ti wire. One reason I use 22g Ti is it’s a lot more resistant to burning or breaking than the higher gauges.

I have yet to experience this in TC mode while vaping. IMO the cotton would be dry and burn long before 22g Ti will reach temps to burn or break. I don’t no of anyone that will continue to vape when experiencing a dry hit.

For some reason some vapers think Ti is some deadly concoction of metals and the fear about Ti is really unwarranted. You definitely don’t want to sucking on any mod when the wire burns and break. I’d be more more worried about the Chrome content in some wires.

There’s been a ton of discussion about wire safety and those that choose to use whatever wire should be very cautious of safe usage.