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Stainless steel build Help


If this would be the case, Ti simply wouldn’t be sold by companies for the purpose of vaping and there would be severe health warnings about it.
I’ve seen a lot of stuff written about it as well, but mostly stuff where people are just talking about it, no references, nothing to back up the claims. I’d feel pretty safe vaping on Ti, but it’s expensive wire and I don’t like to clean coils… when it’s time for a new wick, I always put in a new coil too. (Or maybe I should put it differently, when the coil is gunked up, I’ll change the wick too).

Would be interesting to know what mod and settings and coils you were vaping on. I find it hard to imagine that would happen on a properly configured DNA device… TC is offered on most devices but there are few where it actually properly works.


I know this thread has been derailed and I do apologize to the OP. Just one last thing to add that might help the OP about vaping wires…


The break was on very thin ribbon wire, that got kinked on its third rewick. Heat stress probably finished it.
My point is that this would have likely started metal fire had it been Ti, I would have a really bad burn, and the tank would be toast.
In controlled situations, ti is probably better.
For safety, I suspect soft iron would be least likely too have problems ( but to my knowledge is not used, bad TCR, too fast oxydation?), SS has chromium indeed, bit it should have next to no leeching event at 300C.


Just another reason for me not to rewick coils. Once the wick is done, the coil is done. Once the coil is done, the wick is done.
So many people rewick and clean their coils by glowing them and rinsing them off in cold water… those heat fluctuations really aren’t good for keeping the metal in shape and I do not want to vape on something that really shouldn’t be trusted anymore. I’d rather pay a few cents more for extra wire than to put my health, mod or tank at risk.


Your comment really has me perplexed. This scenario has no factual base in a real world situation. I’ve accidentally and intentionally melted .50 mm Ti wire and there was no fire or ruined tank. From what I’ve researched is a Ti fire is mostly caused by Ti metal shavings not to a 3 inch piece of Ti wire. It’ll pretty much just flash and break with no total wire or tank disintegration.

But I guess it’s best to be safe if you really don’t know.


While I agree with you a hunert percent on the flavor and oh so satisfying vape of the Deep Water Ti coil, I haven’t given up on the building of claptons just yet. I gotta do something with my hands!


Well if it wasn’t for how convenient it is to build a simple dual coil that satisfies, I’d probably still be wrapping SS claptons myself. I’m such a lazy bastard.


Wait, WHAT?! :flushed: One coil change in the last 12 months or in 2018? I guess either way it’s still pretty impressive. What’s your cleaning process? I’m also a…

…so I’m just a little bit intrigued by this. Lol

(Sorry to continue the derailment)


reasonable TC + juices without sugars (and other crust making products) make for very long lasting coils. Mine looks nearly clean after 3 weeks.

the photo looks worse that it is, there is still a metal glow to the coil. And here both the cotton and coil are 3 weeks old, but I only go through 3/4mL a day.
And for those who wonder if this is a ribbon, it isn’t, I was in a hurry and ribbon take longer as they are so bloody springy. This is 0.42mm (whixh is 26 AWG, I guess) SS316L round wire.


AVS even tells you that pulsing them, aka dry burn is not an issue. But a lot of people, for whatever reason think, that dry burning your coil at the wattage, they normally vape at, is a great decision.

It’s not lol. I gently pulse my SS coils at 15watts. I don’t glow them or run them hot orange at 60+ watts of some bs.

My coils get cleaned on a weekly basis, lasting over 6 months. If I would go by the wicking, I probably would never clean them because kendo cotton lasts forever in comparison to cotton bacon.

But I understand your concern, however just like with everything in life or even just vape related, user error doesn’t mean a product is bad or more harmful than others.


Well what fun is that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I guess that’s where “YMMV” comes in to play. :wink:
I change my wicks every few days and my coils about every 4-5 weeks roughly. I’d be interested to see if Ti wire could stretch the time between coil changes a little bit. As far as I can see, @pro_vapes vapes pretty “clean” juices so I wouldn’t be surprised if coils last longer for him than they would with the dirty shit I vape, but in my book anything that could help extend the life of my coils by a little bit would be worth looking into (except for cleaning up my recipes. :joy: )!


@Pro_Vapes feels very strongly about titanium, and I am sure it works great for them.
The only difference between a Ti build and a SS build of the same heat flux is that TC might be a bit more precise on Ti, with its higher TCR (from memory). There might be a slight advantage in oxydation as well, but in normal conditions SS oxydation is not that noticeable (unless you dry burn well past orange)

If your coils are covered in crust, I do not believe that any material can really save you.
I’d worry about any juice that causes build-up too fast, it is next to guaranteed that the oxidation of whatever finishes there is going to generate ‘nasty shit’, for lack of a better word.


Just out of curiosity… have you tried it? It’s not so much I feel strongly, nor am I looking to persuade anyone to change from what they like most. As I started off in my 1st reply… offering a different opinion.

Fear Mongering is a real thing in DIY, but when it comes from DIY insiders, it’s SO much worst.

Considering the amount of derailment already, I’d feel much better posting how I clean and stretch coil life in a different thread.

BTW it is 2018.


eff that. every 100ml of diy for me using rayon for wick

edit: since the thread is about coils… I dry burn (at 15 - 20w) my ss coils (from AVS) each re-wick and brush them off then soak them and the rda in warm soapy water, rinse, dry and re-wick so I can switch recipes.


Rotflmao every few days = 100ml for me so I guess we’re the same! :joy:


Why am I picturing you as the only kid in the room with a huge smile, with play-doh covered extremities and marker all over the walls… :thinking: :rofl: :wink:


Everyone’s build should look like new if they only go through three quarters of a ml per day. :rofl:


I have 6 mods in rotation and go thru around 15 - 20 ml per day. I end up re-wicking most of my setups every 3 - 6 weeks depending on which see the heavier rotation.


Some go thru that much just w/ the ramp up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yea, you know when a veteran is talking, (TI with a DNA is the ultimate flavor producing bliss) and is the same reason that I have miles of 22 and 24ga TI wire and about 12 different DNA devices.

But then I have days that I clapton the hell out of some SS/Nichrome/Kanthal just to get that PWM flavor wetness in big clouds of thick umami. It’s good for a day and then by the evening you will see me in my chair holding a DNA75 set up with TI build in a MTL tank , ahhhhh. Long slow draws from that tank and TC device equals happiness and a relaxing bliss of an evening.