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Steam-shark.com Good deals & Giveaway


PM sent @StShark crossing my fingers.


The lastest Prebulid coil will release soon,expect what they looks like,they are first created by us.
Satan V1 Multicolor SS316
Satan V2
Satan V3
Satan V4
Satan V5
Satan V6


Id be happy to set up a video review of your coils and wires.


@StShark did you got my msg as I don’t know how to know if it is delivered to you I have sent an msg yesterday, if not can you msg me so that I can reply to you.


Anyone want our Tablecloth and T-shirt?If you can review our steam shark wires and coils.only 10 left.


As much as I’d love a tee shirt, I’m not the best to test your wires, I vape lower wattages and I’m sure your wires would like things over 20 watts.


Our coils form 0.1-1.0ohm,can be widely use.


Looking at the website now… thx


i hope you put an XL in with the wires :wink:


i have sent you a msg please reply back.


Really sweet designs…love that shark with the mod. You can see he’s ornery just by the look on his face. C’mon y’all. Someone that’s not camera shy please step forward :slight_smile:


I’d love to get one of those shirts in large. I love the design.


Now I will announce all the winners,The following vapors will get our 4 kind prebulid coils
@Fenrir1@MysticRose@TheTinMan1@DrChud@Pattie@GPC2012 @fidalgo_vapes @Ajinkya
Beside,We will send you some of our 4 different 118m Tube wire
Steam Shark wire short Tiger 26GA+0.20.8 118MM
Steam Shark wire short Clapton 24GA+30GA 118MM
Steam Shark wire short Twisted 24GA2 118MM
Steam Shark wire short Alien 0.3*0.8+32GA 118MM
If you can buy 6 Size in 1 Coil Jig from our website, I will send to you all free shipping.this is only for the winners.
And if you do not like, I will also send the Wires and coils to you for free.


ill make you a deal ill buy the coil jig as long as you send me a tshirt xl and ship it all together i have coil jigs but i think the shirt is worth the coil jig btw if i order the coil jig how do i get it all mailed together how will someone let you know i mean ???


@StShark Thank you very much for the win, I’m very excited! What material are the coils and wires, none of them say in the descriptions. Are they all Kanthal, or Stainless Steel?


All the Coils are made of Kanthal,Sorry.


I have sent you this PM 7 days ago with NO response back

OK let me try to help you Guys out.

The single Most important thing in Vaping is the Coil and what it is Made out of ( for safety sake )

1 You must gain the Trust of the Vaping Community
2 Your Labeling MUST be 100% Accurate of what the wire is made out of… or you will raise a Red Flag and people will not Trust you
3 It would help if you gave a Reassurance Like where do you get your wire from , do you have a MSDS sheet on the purity of the wire
I Hope this Helps and I hope that you are successful

Thank You Again

I personally will not vape any wire unless I know 100% the purity of it


I couldn’t agree more with that Rob, it would definitely raise red flags to myself if I didn’t know what types of wire, or purity of wire it was.
I just simply wouldn’t use it and i would tell my buddies not to use it either. Not when there’s plenty of other places to get verified wires from.


I absolutely agree, it very very important to know what type of wire it is. However, I usuallt get mine from lightning vapes and they don’t list where they get there wire from or the MSDS sheets. Should I not use them? Where do you get yours?


I will PM you :+1: