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Steam-shark.com Good deals & Giveaway


Likewise, can you PM me on this as well.


Hello,Rob62,I have been repeat many times,most the coils are made of Kanthal except Notch coil and Ni200 coil, they are 100% Kanthal. The MSDS report is on the way, will be public in next month.hope you know.


Hello, all of you,the products have been sent,please Check your parcel in one week.Hope you like it.
any video review will be appreciate.



Steam shark coils giveaway again,
If you can recognize which kind of steam shark coils,the right answer will get 20 piece.
the last winner can not be participate again.
Do not leave the mesage blew,Pm to me.


oops sorry
woke up too early I guess


Cong @Sanctuary_Denied send me the right answer,he will get our free samples.Welcome to join in and tag your friend.


Thank you very much!


Thank you very much for the giveaway, excited to get them!


i do plan on doing a review for you like i said , however if we dont get the answers @Rob62 is looking for ill have to include that , besides that i do appreciate the oppurtunity and will be fair and honest


Thank you,please check your package.


Someone have been received our samples,Making coil now.


Hello,All,anyone received our samples and review them?


I haven’t recieved them yet, but I will certainly review them after I’ve had a chance to use them for a bit.


I haven’t received anything.


Nope, nothing has arrived here either


Not here yet either.


Nothing for me either.


nothing yet for me , i am excited though


A group steam shark coil pictures by kurt.wais


I received my package today. Thank you again so much for the giveaway and getting it here so fast! I will get some coils installed later tonight hopefully and start testing :slight_smile: