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Steam-shark.com Good deals & Giveaway


did you get the shirt


NO :frowning:



You want mine? It’s a large I believe. I lean towards 2XL, if not 3XL. :laughing:

Looking at it I’m not sure I can fit my arm through the arm holes without pulling a muscle.


i have one as well its a large which will not fit , if you. would like it its yours


did anyone get any wireshots or wire ??? i got the four samples of pre mades


you beat me to it lol im an xl and this large is like a medium


Wire shots? Like the tubes of wire? That’s what I got, 4 tubes of premade wire that I need to wrap.


yes they are like 12" length and come in clapton and others yes you wrap them your self ill uoad pic of what i got besides pic of shirt


I will take a pic of what I have tomorrow, but yeah, that what I got was wireshots. Not 12" though.


some of these are chunky and the .20 ohm i could inly run single because .10 is too low for most devices


Yeah, I saw a review on the birds nest and it looked super wide and low ohms.


if youd like i could send you some of these to try you have the G2 that fires low ohms i could send all of those ones , ive gotta crash i cant even spell right i keep having to edit let me know in a pm


Lol, will do.


I really appreciate it, but that won’t fit me either. I’m like a 2XL also. I’m almost happy now. I was really disappointed cause I loved the shirt so much, but now I’m glad I wasn’t teased with something that won’t work. Sorry your guys don’t fit either, thank you also fidalgo for the offer too. :frowning:

I’ve got a staircase loaded in my Troll ready for my flavor testing on Friday…we’ll see how she vapes. Was pretty good tonight, but I’m still trying to find the right wattage to get a good vape. It was a bit anemic, but I was only running about 30W and I think it needs a bit more with so much metal.


Yeah, I don’t think the birdsnest coils will fit in my troll…way too big.

The wire seems clean and the quality of the wraps are really good so far. I need to open them all and see how consistent they are.


Still haven’t seen any coils from steamshark. Not sure i will either.


On the way,please check your package later.


Ya i am a plus one there not sure they are coming - granted postage to au takes a little while so i am not so fussed.


After my post i got a tracking number so i guess it is on its way. You might get a tracking number now as well.


Did anyone else get the little package of vape bands? Mine came with 4 in it and all are these with different items.:no_entry_sign:

1 of mine was No farting I’m assuming? Shows a person with a cloud coming out of butt. The other is either a no doggie style or no anal sex? I have a pretty good sense of humor, but I do find it a bit…strange???