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Mine arrived too. Along with those weird vape bands. I’m sure one of them says no doggie style lol


I didn’t get a tracking number or any notifications. I got a call from a courier to say he was outside my house. Which wasn’t my house at all, but they got here lol


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I think it means “Should not be used as penis ring”


Will trade my t-shirt, all the coil wire they sent me, and my first born child for the doggie style vape band.


They really shouldn’t. It’s a tight fit


I just checked my tracker and it says delivered but no one was here to deliver it. So i guess a non vaper somewhere around here have my package or the carrier guy has taken it for himself.


Not for everyone. Just the other day one of the norwegian papers had an article about “My life with a micro penis”. See? Some could use it.


Not for everyone :confused:
DAMN Underanne beat me to it


That depends on the wearer.


It was sent to me as a signed for delivery, they probably did the same with yours. You should be able to track it down.


I think we all had the same thought.


the question is who signed for it then?
and i must say that i dont trust most of my neighbours


You can request the signature from you tracking usually, the time and date should be there too.


don’t even know what carrier that was supposed to deliver it either, got no clue about anything
anywho, shit happens


It was fastway that delivered mine


dont even know if that exist in germany


I’m pretty sure they are. You should be able to find all that out from the tracking number.


time will tell if it shows up at my door, if not im not gonna get crazy over it


Done! How much extra are you paying me to take the first born? Cause I’m thinking you are getting the better deal :wink: