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Steam-shark.com Good deals & Giveaway


lmao that is a little strange ( while im sitting here chuckling ) i rhink we all got a little something different


A new review by md.TROY


Can you make a review about our coils on this forum or your instagram?


I have sent you an msg please provide me a Tracking No so I can track it where it is now. I haven’t received my package till now.


yes i will asap


My stuff arrived on the 15th but we weren’t home and I forgot all about getting the mail then or yesterday so when I got it today I had a notice to pick it up at the post office. Why they didn’t just leave it or bring it back with them I have no idea. I got a (pardon the pun after looking at the vape band) buttload of stuff bands, wires, pre wrapped coils, tool kit all kinds of shit.


@TheTinMan1 How does that old saying go, money talks and …
Let me know if you really want doggy style :tongue:


after re reading my previous post it just didn’t come out right but you know what I mean


Sounds like @GPC2012 and @TheTinMan1 need to get a private room :laughing:


Yes, I really want the doggy style vape band. But I’m not sure now what you want in trade. I scared. Lmfao!



You should be.

I’ll take a 50 box of $100.00 bills if you please


I think mine might be at the post office.
The mailman left me something saying what ever it was they couldn’t leave it.
Hoping it’s this, but with my luck it’s probably someone is trying to sue me.


My “delivered” package according to the tracker site is still missing and not delivered to me. Seems i have bad luck when it comes to get winnings in giveaways delivered.


Nope, no package for me yet… and ironically someone is trying to get money out of me…ugh


It’s not the size of the vape band, but how you use it :grinning:


It is, it is. Nothing hotter than a guy who knows how to work his vape band, no matter the size :grin:


Hello,@MysticRose@TheTinMan1@DrChud@Pattie@GPC2012 @fidalgo_vapes @Ajinkya @Rob62 an you post your review on this forum?


i will once i use them i give you my word you dont have to keep asking , they are pretty thick so i dont have an rba i want to use , so i just ordered a lynx which will accomodate the sizes , now a question for you WHERE IS THE MSDS SHEET @Rob62 asked for you implyed that there would be one in my package but nothing was i will state that i am unsure of the quality of metal used if we dont see one in the next couple days , i may even give a review that goes something like this ,

After speaking with many people who know more about coils than i do i was advised not to use these because a simple question has not been answered and so on and so on , im not trying to be an asshole but it is important to other people so my concern is for them as well i hope you understand


I asked you for Tracking NO 2 times once on PM and once by tagging you but you have not given me the Tracking NO till now I haven’t received the package yet.


So I received my package a few days ago by signed delivery. Everything was packaged nicely and it’s very well presented. The vape bands were a nice touch in a very weird way. You can see the pictures posted earlier. I still can’t figure out what they’re meant to mean lol. They’re kind of small and wouldn’t go on my engine tank, which was a shame. The ‘No doggie style’ one would have had a home.
The little tool kit in the pack looks really good and it’s very compact and neat. Unfortunately when you take it out it seems very cheap. The magnets to hold the poles in the coil winder make it wobble around and the poles are on the short side. The little guide screws for the winder are also a pain because of how small they are, I’ve already lost one. The tweezers in the kit are also twisted slightly and pretty useless.

I wasn’t aware that the coils would all be Kanthal, I don’t use it and have little experience with them.
So far I’ve tried the super juggernaut and the super claptons. I don’t own anything that the birdsnest coils will fit into. The coils are all 2.5mm id and pretty chunky. Also all the wraps are 30 or 32 awg. I found ramp up and cooling down to be slow and the tanks got really fucking hot. Another thing that would concern me is that the coils are all reading much lower than it states on the box. The super juggernaut states 0.35 ohm and mine was .273

The super clapton was also reading 0.65 lower than was stated. These things needed much more power than I usually run. I tried them both out in the obs engine using a juice I’m very familiar with. Wattage range from 70 right up to 130 and honestly they weren’t any better than the normal 24/36 claptons I run. I thought the flavour was worse, and I could definitely get a slight metallic after taste. The tank and mod got too hot for me after just one tank of juice.
For me I’ll definitely be sticking to the SS316L claptons and fused claptons I normally use. I didn’t try the other coils and I’m not sure if I will. Kanthal is not something I want to use.