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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


I actually ended up using racks for some of my flavors!!


I’ve taken over a spare room for a vape room. Just using what ever I could find around the house, or make. It’s working pretty good so far.


bottom shelf is that your VG and PG ???


Those are awesome!!


awesome set up :flushed::+1:


Thank you!! They are actually nail polish racks I found on amazon. I might need a third one to house the rest of my 30ml or smaller bottles of flavoring, but this is a massive improvement over shoe box type storage for me.
Dazone® Nail Polish Wall Rack Organizer Holds 50 Bottles Nail Polish Shelf Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00O8LJAFS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_s985xbY1B7JKZ


Yeah, I bought the first Gallon from RF, and the rest from NR.


thats a lot of vg lol i keepcan wxtra gallon on hand but looks like you jave 5 +


Thank You! The cabinet is actually 2 different pieces from pretty much junk I had in the barn.


7 Gal. actually. Probably went a little overboard. Haha


its all good , i understand the overboard thing lol for some reason i still buy flavors every month that i dont use for a couple months lol


Oh I do too, I thought it was a Vape law or something. Lol


Seriously though, I live in Indiana and more and more places have stopped shipping here, thanks to our glorious law makers, I don’t want to be short handed on anything.


Know how you are feeling, although its only the nic here that is slowly becoming a problem. Lucky for me i live close to our border and have friends on the other side. Ordered 20*100ml 48mg today and a friend from the other side is going to receive it for me before the end of the year i think i’ll place another order.


This would be great if you adapted it for a mixing/storage station. A little pricey but still pretty neat :slight_smile:


You could make something similar im sure pricey or not I really like it though


I’m contemplating getting a smallish fridge for my flavors. Right now they are in the dining room right above a heating vent. Being in northern California we probably won’t be turning the heat on until mid November so I have some time to decide what to do with them. I would keep it at its lowest setting But…I’ve read that some types of flavors don’t do well refrigerated?

@Pugs1970: How are your flavors doing so far? Have you noticed any ill effects?

Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?


well, as it goes these guys were quite correct, I couldn’t sleep one night and was up in the summerhouse at 4am, saw the sun come up and as it did it crept over next doors fence and shone directly on the bottom 2 shelves of my flavours, and had been doing for months, these were ruined, they were dark and smelt bitter so I threw them, around 50 altogether maybe, that’s why I bought the fridge, and so far they have been very happy, I can’t see why a fridge would harm them in any way, plus it’s dark in there…


Aww man. That blows. Sorry to hear it.


meh, they weren’t full, you live and learn, I should of thought about that in the first place, luckily all my newer stuff was on the top shelf along with my steeping bottles, could of been much worse :+1: