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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


like @Whiterose0818 said, I lost a bunch of flavours exactly like that. :worried::thumbsdown:


That is just a light over my mixing table…There is a window there, but I do keep the shutters closed throughout the day. The only time I open the shutters is at night.


omg thats the first thing that caught my eye , i was like uh oh another @Pugs1970 mistake lol just kidding ya pugs but seriously it was thw first thing i noticed and nothing really funny about losing all tbose flaves im glad another has found using a fridge works


Out of curiosity… Those shelves look just a touch too short to hold 2 oz bullets with twist tops attached. Have you tried to fit any in there by chance? Cool setup, btw!


Middle second row…those are 2oz bottles


Right, but I’m curious if they’ll fit with twist tops like Nicotine Rivers attached. The Bilberry bottle in the middle has the caps I’m talking about. I’m guessing it won’t fit as the twist tops make the 2oz bottles a touch larger than the 4oz cap bottles you have on the left of that shelf.


These are Nicotine River 2oz bottles with caps in the middle of this picture, however it will fit a 4oz bottle with caps, seen on left side.


Click on my picture for full screen


Sorry was looking at the other picture. Caps weren’t on in that one. Awesome!! Something I might consider. Looks like it holds a lot for the small amount of space it takes.



Ha, nah man you lot were bang on, if it wasn’t for someone on here pointing it out I would never of looked for it, and If I hadn’t been up early that morning and noticed the sun hitting mine it could of been MUCH worse, I’ve learnt an unbelievable amount on ELR but sometimes you learn too late lol, it’s all good, luckily for me the bottom 2 shelves were all older stuff that I didn’t use as much and most were nearly empty anyways, I can live with the loss lol, and it gave me an excuse to do some serious flavour shopping haha …:money_mouth:


So, my wife found an unused shelf in the basement, and since she was getting annoyed at all the flavors, pg, vg, and all the other vaping paraphernalia on the kitchen counter she brought it up to the kitchen. I spent the evening unmarked bottles with my new P-Touch PTD600 (Love it, by the way!), and moved the worst offenders of the counter.

I still have a couple of boxes of flavors that need to come out, and I still need to organize it. One whole shelf will be dedicated to my coil building stuff as well.

I don’t know why the pic wasn’t loading, but I think I got it fixed now.



Both from Harbor Freight, I use the tall one for my building tools, wire, cotton etc. The other we keep used coils sorted by type and ohm for reuse later.

And this is our current set up for eliquid. Sorted alphabetically and grouped by type… fruit, food, drink, candy, sweeteners. I have a list of flavors on the wall so I can keep track of our supply and shopping list. Right now we buy our concentrates from a local shop. The box to the right for steeping.


Fridge is comin on :wink::+1:…not much space left now @Kalahariuk …need to be cracking on mate :laughing: lol


nice steeping box. i am a bit jealous


I want that box and not even for steeping lol


i just noticed something. that looks like a Humidor. If it is… Do you use the humidifier? If so I would be very interested in your process. Like what you keep it at or if its not good for eliquid. I am very interested.


Also in love with that steeping box @Heather6!


Nope, just a box we had already just sitting empty. . :slight_smile: it’s pretty perfect though.


right on… Another question. How can you tell what you are steeping? No labels…


Well idk what I did to my reply…I think I flagged myself lol, hope I don’t end up banning myself.

Anyway, most of those are empty right now and the few that have juice are all the same… "bottom of the bowl "