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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


Oh my wife has one of these too! …she keeps all our fights in it …coincidentally none of them are labeled either.




Moved into a new place 2 weeks ago…getting my office/lab room together little by little :wink: color changing led lighting for the desk and led spots for the mods and flavor displays/shelf.

I posted these in another thread (what has made you smile today) a few days ago…forgot about this one! Sorry for the dupes!


WoW! Where is your Vape Shop located !? :wink:
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Under which volcano is this lair located …this shrine to The Juice Gods? [add Gregorian chant soundtrack here]


You’re killing man! :joy::joy::joy: one of my favorite chants btw.


That’s a great idea. But I was under the impression that I should refrigerate my flavor concentrates so they don’t go bad? Am I wrong because almost every picture I see is not able to be refrigerated.


It makes sense to me too. I was totally wondering why none of these pictures are refrigerated. Funny you say that about the malted milk and the crystals I thought it was just going bad lol. All my flavors taste ftresh like the day I bought them and I still have three 120 ml bottles I bought about a year ago and the only thing I have noticed was a color change in the Bavarian cream but the flavors are all still perfect. Oh and real flavors obviously are VG based and need to get up to room temp before using.


completely right ill have to check on my tpa bavarian cream but i havent noticed color change i have a 4oz bottle that i take from i fill a 30ml bottle when im out , but lately ive been using FW and Caps BC caps because i have it and dont want to waste o
it lol and FW seems to be better im steeping a cereal vape tthat i did everything the same except the BC just to see if i cld tell , the only two flaves are malted milk tpa and acytel pyrazine that crystalize for me so i keep them close to the door because the back of my fridge is colder


No, though it will not hurt to refrigerate your flavors, it is not necessary. Maybe it is helpful when storing for longer lengths of time though…


Originally it was just my desk/mix station. Got cluttered fast. No light then either. Then I saw this storage unit on amazon.

src="/uploads/default/original/3X/9/2/926964f3ba91575ccb15cd26a16e5da79301fddd.jpg" width=“690” height=“388”>

I had just got done with a few test samples need to clean my syringes. Lol storage unit just came yesterday. Loving it so far, still need to alphabetize my flavors. Thinking maybe one area per manufacturer alphabetized, maybe not. Thinking about adding some led blue motion detected lights inside the cabinets. That would be cool, and will only be on long enough to help read labels when doors are open

Edit. Had to add this pic these just came in today and are completely awesome to me. Don’t mind a few of my notes really help my wife the way I have them down.

Pointless but dropped the white board for two black dry erase wall suckers. Work great especially with the neon colored markers. makes the notes pop. Still rounding stiff up it will be months till I’m at where I want to be.@CallMeTut


Okay, got to ask.
I see the scale but you are still using syringes? I personally would transfer the flavors that don’t have dripper tops into glass bottles that have a dropper and get away from the clean up step since you already have the scale.
Nice looking setup by the way.


Honestly, I have some nice blue glass bottles in various sizes. Never thought of that. Thank you very much. Awesome, no amazing idea. Can’t believe I have not thought of that.


Still working on my setup, I have along ways to go to get every thing the way I want it. Glass bottle idea was amazing. Love this site. Love the friendly input I receive, and the amount of info I gain on a daily basis. Ty everyone


You know you want these and they’re only $90 for a dozen. I found these looking for vaseline glass dropper bottles. Vaseline glass glows under black light …who wants to get in on the ground floor of my new vaseline glass 30ml dropper bottle factory? :wink: I wonder if they could make glowy LDPE bottles …that’d be cool! Doubt these glow (or if the rubber bulbs are decomposed) …but still cool



Thats just vape porn!!!


Le DIY pour les Nuls


Le DIY pour les Nuls


your fridge is looking a lot nicer than ive seen on other posts


Finally someone who refrigerates there concentrates. I refrigerate all my concentrates unless I forget toput them back but as soon as I remember they go back in the fridge and my gallon of 100 mg nicotine is in my freezer. Because these flavors do go bad lol.