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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


Really nice set up…makes me excited for when kids move out so I can have a dedicated mixing room.

What is the purpose of the prescription bottles and what is in the bottom of them?


Thanks. I use prescription bottles to store my tanks and rda’s. I label them and put a little bit of tissue paper on the bottom just in case they decide to leak. Amazon has prescription bottles for pretty cheap. If you decide to use them, look for the 16 dram size :+1:


I have an entire room to myself :slight_smile:
These shelving units were not being used for much so I moved them into my mixing room and they have been pretty good to me.
My first order of flavors was about 8 flavors … … I think I have since expanded!!!

I scrolled through this whole post and I am glad that I am not alone with my love of DIY! Well done peeps … some amazing ideas on here!


@Cloud_Chaser I would love to have a set up like that, but with the earthquake zone that I live in I’d have nothing left, including the shelving units. My stuff is in drawers.


Really? That seems like over kill with the earthquakes … That’s intense! As long as you have an easy time finding what you need and setup is awesome.


Haha Yes @Cloud_Chaser we had a 7.8 magnitude earthquake Monday morning, and the house shook all over the place, but I have been through so many that the house is quake resistant as much as is possible.


My mixing area was a mess and it was cramped and hard to work in so I made a new table yesterday and varnished it with resin. As a result I now have ‘the table of vape’ it is so much nicer to work on.

Took me what seemed to be an etirnity to alphabetize all the flavours and store away the dupes (due to availability sometime I had to buy 3x10ml bottles rather than a 30ml I like to have 30’s or more).

The hard bit is sorted now just have to build a bottle drying rack and grab a small stainless steel tray to put everything in as I mix (JIC I spill somthing it makes it easier to clean up if I just have to take the tray away and wash it).

Glad we don’t have quakes in Australia like our NZ cousins @G-Fog hope everything calms down for you guys very soon.


That table is beautiful!


I was thinking the same thing seriously how shiny is that :flushed:


Have to agree! That is bee-yoo-tee-full! =D
Very nice work, and like the organization as well!


I Love that … I just made one yesterday, like yeah, I just knocked it together in a spare five minutes, a table that most people here would KILL for !!!

it LOOKS nice but I think I will only TRULY be able to judge when you pop over to my place one afternoon and make me one !

Seriously though: Nice work, be proud, it’s Orsum !


Cheers guys shucks - the resin is really easy to do even on some existing wood tops (sand it first). One coat is equivalent to 60 coats of normal varnish (it is really the lazy way to do it but very effective.


I would not recommend working with epoxy, without wearing glowes


Ya I agree not my video just a demo I found


A month into mixing. My setup is in the kitchen.

Flavors are on lucite shelves on the inside of an upper kitchen cabinet drawer. Figure I can get about 80 flavorings before I gotta do the other door.

They stay in place when the door opens and closes with a 12 AWG Stainless wire wrapped on a couple screws I front of each shelf. Even used my coil wrap 0.40 tool for the wraps.

Lower two shelves are for local PG / VG / Nic / Bottle storage and batch steep. Shelf is a 5 tier job I got off amazon. The liter bottles of PG / VG are kept on shelves in the pantry. Bulk nic is in the freezer. I have A 60 ml eye dropper bottle of 100mg in the cabinet and refill that from the freezer as needed.

Nice part is I can shut the door and it all vanishes, and the stuff stays in the dark.

Heated mag stirrer with temp probe. Use the beaker as a bath and stir right in the 60 ml dropper bottles. Keep the temp Probe in the bath so I can stir caps on if I want. Stirrer has timer as well and will shut down the heater after the timer expires. Once it reaches whatever preset temp I want it’ll hold that indefinitely +/- 2-3 degrees. Above that on the counter is the Ptouch for labels. Best part of PTouch labels is they are waterproof and the bottles can be washed with them on without the print running and when you remove the labels they do not leave any residue.

Label detail. Name, PG/VG/Nic, Mix Date.

Work in progress but it’s at least semi organized and I can keep the flavors right over the counter where I have my scale and mixer and they’re alphabetized.

These were a bunch of Single Flavor Tests I did over the last couple days.

Above the cabinet I keep the raw boxes of empty 60 ml eye droppers. Below the cabinet is storage for all my Sodastream mixing stuff (I Diy those as well).


You ought to see her now, she’ll hold three times more than what’s in the pics. I’ve got about that much more in it now. a shit load of samples that I got from NR for my tasting reviews and another shitload of additional flavors from again yup NR


That looks really nice. Do you know what the manufacturer and model is? Thanks.


No problem. I bought it from Home Depot. It’s a 22 inch Husky Cantilever box.


Got really tired of my bottles falling over, so I made a drawer insert out of plastic canvas. Keeps everything right where I left it! :grin:


I have that exact tool box just sitting filled with junk. You inspired me to clean it out and use it.