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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


SWEET !!! It’s a nice tool box can’t wait to see it all set up !

Since that pic I also have a middle insert that is an additional two drawers so I have three tiers going on now !


I figure you would have two roll-aways by now.



I had two and it was too much I like everything in one place too OCD I guess heee :slight_smile:


My current state of affairs for flavors and steeping recipes:

And the tester tray up top where I keep the VG/PG and other mixing tools:


Reorganized. Nicotine river gets their own rack!


I need to expand or at least get more racks.


How do you make your labels?



hey ive noticed you have been trying a lot of purilium , do you also ise the real flavora rfsc? and if so could you compare the two ? and last which do you prefer? ty


RF SCs are stronger than purilum (I’m sure there are exceptions). But the purilum flavors are very good.** Better than a lot of tpa/cap flavors, on par with a lot of fa, just slightly weaker than fa (again, with exceptions). If yyou’e trying to reduce pg, then obvs the SCs win. Otherwise I think they both have their place. It’s hard to pick one that is my favorite, but purilum has really nailed a few that I will most definitely be keeping in my rotation. The SCs are wonderful but I’m still trying to get used to them. They seem a bit trickier to pin point the exact %, but once you do they really are delicious. Of course once people start making/publishing more SC recipes, it’ll be easier to get ideas of %s that work well.

**I should clarify, not all of them have been wonderful. But I’ve tried a lot more good than bad. Your tastes may vary, but I do recommend trying both of them.



That looks soooo good! :slight_smile:






Thanks for this thread! I’m still searching for the perfect way to store my flavors. My stash grew pretty quick, i have about 120 different flavors from 10ml to 4oz.

I have them in alphabetical order to find em faster and keep them in a drawer away from light.

My main problem is, that I cant get a straight line due to the different bottle sizes…
Maybe i should try this nailpolish racks, but isn’t it better to keep flavors away from light?


You could make a little drawer unit (not the firdge unless you have one spare) but the drawers make it easy to find what you need.


Organizing my Vape gear and now my DIY Stuff has been challenging for me, I am not naturally an organized person but I love things to look nice so here goes. I am fortunate enough to have two living spaces a Living Room and a Family room, my kids really like to hang out in their own bedrooms most of the time (teenagers/young adults) so we only use one of our living rooms for the family and the other one became my OFFICE…lol… So I have my computer desk and behind it I just last weekend set up a Credenza with a Vertical bookshelf on top. I put it in upside down so there would be a like three inch barrier around the top for decorations and a cat bed for one of my many cats. So there are shelves, lots of them between the bookshelves and the credenza, and there are some cupboards as well. I do not have much DIY as of yet but I build my own coils and have lots of vape stuff. It is all not yet displayed but this is what I have out so far. Love to all…Kim


I’ve been looking at this and thinking it would be perfect for those who dont have a dedicated mixing area.