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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


I was looking around eBay the other day and found this: http://r.ebay.com/sW3SpH

Seems like you should be able to store bigger 30ml bottles in the pockets and smaller 10ml bottles in the foam “magazine”.


Now that is a really cool idea. I might have to invest in a couple of those.


Nice find!! :thumbsup:
Looks like a very cool way to carry things while on vacations etc.!!

The only thing I noticed was that in pic 12, they’re definitely using a flat top lid, so I have to wonder about the clearance remaining where dropper tops are concerned.

If anyone has, or orders one of these, I’d be interested in any firsthand thoughts on if this is actually a valid concern or not!!


Did the tfa kettle corn in that pic leak or you actually used some of it :wink: lol if so in what recipe?


I know that @Beaufort_Batches makes an incredible recipe using TFA Kettle Corn that I’d recommend to anyone!


I think from now on, I will start dating the bottles of flavor I get. Some over over a year old, and without a sun-proof case, I feel some of them have started to ‘turn’.

Anyone think that bakery flavors go bad faster than fruit flavors? Or completely irrelevant?..


I would say that’s a wise idea.
You’ll never learn, unless you track such things.


I also use it to make an incredible cereal and an incredible Peanut Popcorn, you can ask @Whiterose0818 about the Popcorn.


one of my all time favs!!!
everyone should try it!!!


Linky link?


Thats for @Beaufort_Batches to do. Hell, i dont know if thats public info, but BB knows!!



Ok that’s just not right! Why would you make something that looks as addictive as that!


You have no idea of the danger lurking behind the curtain here… trust me. Lol


I’m trying to find how to make the peanut butter!


“Expert peanut butter (DIY)”?!?

SERIOUSLY?!!! :rage:
shakes fist
Curse you!
Curse you I say!

And BB strikes again…


That’s what I’m saying man!!!


Ok so now I know there are a few of us that want to know what the deal is with the peanut butter (diy)


And you were thinking this was just a witty reply. HA!

It was a warning man! I’m telling you, he’s an ebil genius!


And while he’s got your attention… Feel free to drop the 411 in your preferred NF flavors. As I was looking around their site earlier, and it’s a bit of a Charlie Foxtrot to navigate for vaping flavors.f