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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


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ebil genius
Love it! I’m still pretty new to diy, I wouldn’t even think of putting that many flavors together!


NF Malt, NF Ginger, NF Burnt Sugar, NF caramelized Toffee off the top of my head. Anything you are particularly trying to make?


DIY PB is awesome, prolly the best flavor in my opinion/experience.

Tastes like Dairy Queen PB Topping to me.


So yall can make good stuff to vape and not go back to stinkies whilst you hammer out,learn and create new ideas and ADVs to pass down the line as you blossom in DIY. Rinse/Repeat.


Not at the moment. Just trying to plan ahead.
Been getting some of my ducks in a row on the FA and FLV fronts, so just trying to keep my wants list in order, and also trying to prioritize.

NF is looking to be near the top of the list on me brands to try since I’ve been getting really good vibes about them over the last few months. :wink:


Is that:
One Stop DIY
DIY Flavor Shack


Flavor Shack in Vegas.


If you get NF Malt, I’ll give you some recipes and after that, you will never let yourself run out of it. If there was only one flavoring that I was allowed to get from NF it would be Malt.


My thoughts exactly when perusing the recipe lol thing is the DIY experts are but mere reformulations of existing flavorings. Im thinking if youve done your homework on PB you can sort out a sub


Add NF brown sugar NF butterscotch NF strawberry shortcake NF chocolate malt careful though @Sprkslfly the first two mentioned are strong AF
Edit : oooo and NF danish pastry is in a world of its own


When you need to fit just one more diy flavor in there lmao


A word of warning (from personal experience): work up to it. :wink: The first time I tried to mix that many flavors together (it probably wasn’t even that many) it tasted like someone drank lemon pledge, threw it up, and made me vape it. I dialed it back from there and vowed to go a little more slowly instead of diving into the deep end…of a lemon vomit pool…shudder


Sorry, was out of town, but it looks like your question was covered. :wink: I have used it but I don’t remember what in. It’s a pretty old bottle and I probably need a new one.


Hello all
First post here
Vaping for 3 months and getting addicted quickly. Here’s my setup. Still need to add a curtain so it matchs the other windows but it’s usually a dark room anyway.

Pic was cut off, click it to view


Welcome to ELR JD!
Looks like you’re off to a roaring start!
Grab a seat and stay a while!
Any questions, just holler. There’s a ton of knowledge already shared, and plenty of friendly folks willing to help out should you need. :slight_smile:


I have the same system !:+1:


I searched Menard’s and Lowe’s and they didn’t have anything even close to the cantilever box. But I was able to get to a Home Depot in Fargo this last weekend and was finally able to snag one.


I ordered a malt (NF). Its on its way :)))). I’d love some ideas :grin:


doesn’t the flavors need to be on the dark?


hi. loving those racks - it’s looks more functional than the nail polish racks I’m using now. bottles fall over all the time. your racks have the bottles at an angle so it looks like they would rarely fall over. where did you get them?