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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


I use those containers and they are great since I don’t have a dedicated mixing area. they fill up fast though! as it stands i’ll probably have to order 2 - 3 more of them to storage my growing flavor stash. I’ll probably get one or two for each manufacturer - one or two for CAP flavors, 2 for FA flavors etc. I’ll get one more to keep empty. I keep my flavors in the basement but mix upstairs in my office. I would all get the flavors I need for the various juice I’m about to mix and put them in the spare case to bring to my office. I highly recommend them.


I got them for free from my husband’s old job. I wish I knew where to get more! Sorry!!


These are what work best for me. Each flavor company has its own fishing tackle boxes and they are in alphabetical order. A few flavors companies have 2 tackle boxes. I buy the little circle or square label things to put on the top so I can see the name of the flavor. The one container of real flavors is in a Christmas bulb storage box. I like the tackle boxes much better though. Over flow or larger bottles that I use to refill my smaller bottles go into the little green boxes or the large plastic totes on the bottom shelf.


A quick tip about these ‘nail polish racks’ that are on Amazon and other sources. Several people here on this thread have mentioned them, but I want to note that the 4 sided “cube style types” are just under the necessary opening size to permit a 25mm Boston Round from passing. :disappointed_relieved:

The open rail style do work however.


It depends on the rack, I use a 30ml Boston Round to hold my nic and it fits fine in the large rack.


Yes, the ‘open’ racks without the 4 cube enclosed sides seem OK.

If anyone has located one with closed cubes that fits a 25mm bottle i would very much appreciate if you share the source link…


Of you don’t want them, and can spare the bottles @Bikerdude knows someone locally who vapes anything. It sounds like the guy he gives them to is kind of down on his luck. I sent him a ton of juices that were awful and he gave them to this gentleman, and that guy was so happy! From now on, I am saving anything that I can’t vape to send when I get a small box full.


My husband started calling me breaking bad when I first started mixing and pulling out syringes and measuring chemicals! :joy::joy: Now he has other people calling me that too!! Note: no one else who I live near vapes, let alone mixes juice. This is very strange to them!


Drooling at the sound of this!!


Went to find this one tonight (on a lark), and 57 results, but zero contained any form of caramel in the results. =(

Butter Toffee, English, organic, regular, powdered, syrup, with Diacetyl, without Diacetyl… And many more. Lol

I was on Nature’s Flavors website. So I guess it’s possible I screwed up there.

:scratches head:


Is that what NF is, Natures Flavors? I was trying to figure that out!


Normally, yes!


He gladly vapes all my experiments and even single flavor testers! I almost felt bad giving him my lemon Sicily tester but he actually liked it. I didn’t like it as a stand alone but I love it as a flavor in mixes. The worst thing I gave him was my caramel apple peanut butter malt experiment and he even vaped that up.


Did you get organic or “regular”?


I got the organic


I just ordered the NF malt this weekend, along with a few other NF flavors like pumpkin, basil and yogurt. Have you had a chance to try the malt?


I haven’t tried it yet. Probably this week


Cool, I’ll be looking out for updates. If you happen to try their chai, it falls into the “drop or 2 per 30ml” category. Tried it at 5% and it is a great big nope! Hoping the one drop method I used tonight works out!


Ok thanks for the tip. Let me know how that turns out. I’d love to find a great chai vape!


That’s already me …but I’ve taken over 20% of the square footage of the house and coated the walls with a thick film of Strawberry Shisha.