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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?




The system is soooo good! :slight_smile:


I bought one of these - total waste. they don’t fit 30ml bottles - you have to really stuff them in and that’s to annoying.


Sorry it didn’t work for you. I stated in my comment that I don’t use dropper bottles in this case but my flavors, all with flat lids. Slides right into my fridge to prolong shelf life.


I guess I shouldn’t call it a total waste - more like difficult to use for standard bottles. I don’t use flat top bottles (don’t want to bother with pipettes etc.) but smaller 10/15ml bottles work fine in that case. I just reorganized my flavors by brand and then alphabetical. I use the slightly larger markatt case for the bulk of my flavors and then the smaller case for the random flavors. either way I shouldn’t have any more pecking and picking trying to find flavors now.


Last time I posted a pic I was working on a cabinet for my Ejuice, Since then things went a little over board lol !
When I first started looking for storage this is what I came up with.

Then things started to take a wild turn lol


Good price. I use a six tier one for my rda’s and tanks.


Did you get trapped in the rabbit hole! Nice setup!


Did you make your shelves? Way cool!


My husband brought home four of these Hallmark display cases for his sports memorabilia, so I called dibs on one for me!


i like that, those are really nice


That is awesome!


Thanks! I’ve got everything grouped by flavor company and there’s enough room for me to reach in and get the back row flavors without having to move the front ones. This is so much better than what I had before!!!


I want one!


Lady… you rock!!


Can i move in?


Lmao, you’ll have to talk to my husband about that one!


Keep away from it when you’re a little tipsy from too much wine :rofl:


I need one of those !!!


Are you saying @VapeyMama should just stay away from it 24/7 or just when really tipsy on weekends? :rofl: