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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


Just when really tipsy… could be a disaster in the making. Shit would fall forever :slight_smile:


Hey, I don’t like mixing when I’ve been drinking, so I can’t be tipsy all the time! :laughing:


Buuut… I’m done mixing now so cheers!


Whoa… This was my collection 6 months ago! They grow fast!


This looks like a factory!


Me thinks you’ll outgrown a tackle or tool box.


My current set up consists of some small plastic bins and I go crazy looking for specific flavorings. I just bought a cheap DVD media stand that I’m going to modify. Add some more shelves. Maybe some lighting. I also thought about a dresser such as one would get at Walmart, but space was an issue.


I use an old CD bookcase for flavors too !
Cardboard trays to hold flavors in groups : Bakery / Fruits / Strawberries / Vanillas / Creams, etc…
Handles odd sized bottles well and has room for 1 more shelf.
Pull out the trays, mix, and put back when done.
It’s pretty good, but still have to dig around in each section to find the flavor I want.


I’m laying mine across an old desk (or tv stand not quite sure what it is) instead of standing it upright. Mine is narrow and tall, so I’m getting more storage space that way.


I use these: https://www.fasttech.com/p/3788100 I have 3 and now need another one.
Each one holds 78 X 10ml bottles, or 54 X 30ml bottles, or 54 X 60ml bottles, or 42 X 120ml bottles.


this is my idea im working on building a storage/workstation i can bring out. it would fold up and close together.
what do you guys think and any suggestions. the center of the base has an area for my scale to sit. and i will be building this with wood.
Large bottles of pg and vg on the left bottom and flavors on the right door shelves


Cool thread, and some pretty neat setups!

My stuff used to fit in a desk drawer, but as it grew it took over all the drawers, eventually there was too much and it was in drawers and boxes. I finally got tired of it and got a cabinet which fits everything (until I buy too much yet again).



Getting small already I see :rofl:


Ah i may as well post here too - the all new and improved flavour fridge


I want one


Flavor fridge is a dream come true. Shame i couldnt even give away my brothers old mini fridge cause i left a turkey in it and it was unplugged. A few weeks later, i thought a raccoon died inside the wall or something but eventually figured out it was that free turkey from shoprite. Lol.

Anyways, so hopefully maybe this summer my woodworking coworker buddy of mine will assist/direct me in building some sort of awesome vape storage furniture. But until then ive been using like a dozen smaller boxes, usually the shipping material my flavors arrive in, to house over 300 flavors. Still being a relative novice at this, i mostly have little 10ml bottles, and 13ml, and 15ml, and 30ml etc. I was at target the other day, xmas decoration shopping, yikes, and found these Sterilite tubs that they were selling for 7 or 8$ as “ornament storage bins” i believe. Anyways, they are 2 levels, fit almost everything, quite convenient however temporary. They come with cheap dividers that you can setup in a few different ways but i used them minimally


just have to ask what is the volt meter in the cabinet for?


Oh, for measuring resistance of my coils and voltage of my cell pairs to make sure they stay matched.


oh ok that makes sense, i have a tank and just buy my atomizers kinda forgot about rebuilds for a minute!!