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Storing and organizing your DIY supplies?


Yep, that cabinet is the aggregation point for all my DIY; mixing and building. I stopped buying disposables when I saw how much I save building. Besides, there are so many DIY atty’s and I hated to be pinned down to a few units that I could get coils for anyway.


And the mess begins…

Im so excited I got my fisrt delivery unexpected today ( well actually 3 or 4 deliveries) ! My husband happen to be here, haha, but he did not share my excitement or even showe an interest grrr, so I had to come here cause I know you all will understand :scream: :joy:

I know I have more coming , just no idea what other than storage racks.

Soon as i get it all unpacked I am so going to mix something , meaning one of ya’lls recipe’s , then maybe make some kind of sampling plan of all these flavors. Im thinking start one vendor at a time maybe and set up a book for notes

Woot… cant wait to do something… anything hehe

figured I would use spare room that has large desk and storage so i can close the doors to credenza and not see it all…Im a bit ocd on clutter lol


Wow. Looks like you’re off to a great start. The rabbit hole is deep though. If anyone would have told me that I’d be frequenting a recipe site a year and a half ago, I would’ve told them to have their head examined. Its great fun.


i envision nail polish rack for flavors and the drawers are nice for steeping and hiding nicotine from light and kiddos.


Exactly right. The desk part is not shown but it has large draws as well, so im good on storage Racks will be here sunday, I ordered 3 racks to hold i think 65 bottles each. I should have got 4 though for future use. I wasnt thinking

I havent checked to make sure the orders that arrived is all there yet, but my VG from bull city leaked all other and I’m down to a little over half a bottle, with most of labeled destroyed. Im so glad it was in it’s own sealed bag. Not too bad considering all the stuff i ordered to have one thing messed up.


I would contact them asap and check all your bottles to be sure. It may be a bad batch of bottles, caps or disgruntled worker so your report may help anyone else from a headache.I am sure @BullCityFlavors would be happy to help but not so much @ 5pm on a friday night.


yes I will do this. I was going to shoot him an email but figured I would check the rest of the order from them as it was quite large. Seems the cardboard cap thing just leaked through under the cap, because it is still attached.

Thanks for suggestion :smile:


Nice desk. And looks like a very nice order


thanks! Was hoping to play around, but too darn exhausted. Looking around a bit on the forums and coming up with a plan instead. Tomorrows another day


Hmmm. Mine leaked as well. 3 out of the four caps were broken on mine. Odd for bcf.



Smart and Final soufflé cups and lids made a good way to single flavor test new arrivals at 3% in 5 ml of PG-VG
I got a couple packs of plastic bar straws and chopped them into thirds for taster sample sticks I can just toss after my lick fest.
Single flavor testing gives you a base line you can go back to and look at your notes and go Ahhhh.
This tray is 8 months old now and I still open and sniff or taste the lesser used samples before I actually add them. Got 3 more just like it :slight_smile:


wow what a great way to do that… I am sitting here staring at over 100 flavors, wondering how to start this process, I thought i had a plan, and in my head i did, but to actually test all these and now use a gazillion bottles, I was wondering how to do it.

Love your idea, now trying to think how i can get started without ordering something lol. Your idea was great, wish i had one of these here

Oh i just found this page… no idea how i missed it before. Flavorah Tasting Notes.
I think Ill give it a shot


My cap wasnt broken and even the cardboard seal was still attached. The seal was totally saturated though and liquid passed through. I was thinking maybe it was weather issue, as it got real cold the night is shipped

No response yet from my email, but I sent it late and its the weekend now


that is the shiznit, id come out of there looking like tom hanks after his holiday on the island…without Wilson


Man thats like a year ago, got a bit more stuff in it now and the flavours are in a fridge lol


Yeah I’m building my frame insert now for the fridge…making a setup
similar to Simons…but my rack and draws will be almost like a trolley
that sits inside the fridge…long overdue, I live in a warm climate down
here in Australia…so my flavor arsenal gets knocked around by the heart
somedays…never the less I’d love to see an updated pic of your
station…gives me ideas seeing other people’s set ups…


Let the games begin

All after Brands and alphabetical order

Now i only have to create my own mix! lol



Woh…wayyy more organised than mine lol …1 sec i do have more recent pics…



You have a realy nice mixing/vaping/creativity cave!!! Oh i like it, dude!