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Suggestions for real popcorn..any?


hi all good to be here
i wa wondering if anyone might have a plain good ol simple pocorn recipe to offer…
would aprecciate anysuggestions… thx


About as simple a mix as I can think of.
Popcorn (TPA) 7%
Butter (TPA) 2.5%


Thank you!


Have you done a search for popcorn on the recipe side of ELR? There are about 203, maybe you will find one in there.


@Mark_Turner is a great Mixer and that recipe sounds like it is ripe for adaptations. If your first mix turns out to your liking, look at some other recipes (@Koningmafkees said there was over 200) it might be easy to add flavs, like Caramel (etc), to future batches. Translation: if you like popcorn-based profile juice you could likely make many different variations and gain much DIY experience watching how other flavs pair with that base “Popcorn” …just exploring how different Caramels pair could keep you busy for quite awhile. I mean at low % it might be like a Kettle Corn, and higher% like Cracker Jacks …now I’m hungry.

Reading “Popcorn” Search results could provide some other flavor inspirations and give some clues to flavor %s

Oooo! Toffee!


I think this would be nice as well with a little bit of caramel/brown sugar/toffee, heck even a milk chocolate toffee
EDIT: sorry, didn’t see Bodarc already gave you a similar answer :smiley:


!! …and maybe some peanut butter?


ran outta soho but did buy just to try, but got big ole bottle of kettle corn, am thinking sb harvest (Jungle flavors) which is a gooey SB but flavored kettle corn been on my mind. besides the obvious ripple or caramel, thinking that sb be cool


Anyone have any thoughts on Kettle Corn? Got that recently but haven’t tried it…


Hey i think I remember a whole thread re: Kettle Corn …may be a [REQ] Clone (scratches brain) What I remember was a long discussion and recipes. …might be this.


Thanks Darc-a-lark-a-ding-dong. I will be trying a couple of those in that thread out. Appreciate it sir.


EDIT: wow. I didnt even say the brand or name… Derp. Popcorn (FLV) haahah
Smells like sweet kettle corn. It is not a stand alone as it is light in flavor. There is a slightly sweet/salty taste. The butter flavor gets stronger and stronger the longer it is vaped. There is NO diacetyl in this flavor.
I like this popcorn, i plan to use milk chocolate, marshmallow and caramel.


I got kettle corn for a corn pops recipe, it had caramel in it, which I added to the percentage but…while not corn pops cereal, it was def a carnival caramel popcorn. I’m not a caramel popcorn fanatic, but it was legit for flavor wise.


just realized I didn’t post the link, here it is.