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Summer Vapes 2017 ! Let's see them WIPs & Recipes


This is my first adaptation of this mix, but I’m liking it already so thought I’d share. Though I’m sure I’ll still be tweaking it more


Hey Skull wanted to tell you I mixed up a batch of your summer cherry suck. It is an excellent vape brother. Well done :+1:t3:


I tested a few that have steeped over the past 3-4 weeks I’ll share them here for now as I vape on em and see if any tweaks are necessary. Which this first one is a tweak of a tweak version :smile:

Another way 2 Enter the Dragon

Ingredient %
Dragonfruit (TPA) 2
Kiwi (MF) 0.25
Peach (MF) 1
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 2
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 2.25
Sweet Strawberry (Jungle Flavors) 3
White Peach (FA) 0.25

Flavor total: 10.75%

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Pink Marshmallow

Ingredient %
Marshmallow (FA) 1.25
Marshmallow (Vanilla) (OOO) 1
Red Touch (Strawberry) (FA) 2.75
Strawberry (MF) 1.25
Strawberry Cream (Flavorah) 1.25
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 4
Vanilla (MF) 0.65

Flavor total: 12.15%

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I can vouch for this being an amazing snv! I just mixed it a few minutes ago and I can’t put it down. If you haven’t made it yet, do it right now!!


Is this actually 40% total flavoring or a typo?


Just made this last night. I’m shocked at how good it is! I was expecting it to fail, but, man, it did not!

Update: made this adapted down to 15% TFP last night. One version tweaking each flavor individually by intuition, one with the calculator function to keep the original ratios. Took the erythritol out of both. It is plenty sweet with just the flavors.
It’s not as OMG exciting and vibrant as the original, but tastes more balanced and thoughtful(?) Time will tell which steeps better. They all taste great!

Update2: As originally suspected, the over-flavored original is getting mushy on day 2 as the chemistry starts to set in. This is a fine lesson for me in the "less is more’ approach. The original vibrancy was a farce! Haha! I’ll be refining this one for a while. I’ll still test the steep on these, but, I’m going to start over from scratch and reign myself in. Do a SF test on all of these flavors and take some time.

Update3: 7 days: Back to being super tasty again! See notes section for update :slight_smile:


Untested WIP. Mixing it up in a bit. Hopefully it’s a good fruity floral summer vape!

Edit: mixed and tested, this is really nice. Bright, tropical, and creamy. We’ll see how it steeps!

Edit #2: after some steeping the lime completely took over. I dropped the INW lime completely and dropped the FA lime down a little bit. Should let the other flavors shine through more.


1st attempt at this one. Made last night, breathed for 4 hours, no heat. Very pleasant and fruity, the violet compliments the watermelon really well. Not too floral at all (yet?). I’m thinking the cotton candy and marshmallow are a bit too heavy, though. Probably need to be cut in half, or more. A little adjustment and at least a week or two steep will be awesome, tastes pretty darn good as-is on day 1, though. :slight_smile:



This is a great ice cream treat! I tried it at 3 days, and at a week, and it was just ice cream with a muddy strawberry back note. Now, the strawberries are prefect and prevalent, white choc shows up on the exhale . A nice surprise with what I thought were too-high %s. It really is awesome. And simple!



holy moly , i dont usually question anyones recipes , but this one is crazy high percents with those flaves , i kust used the Mf WC at .25 and it was more than i expected anyway wow is all i can say , what works for one may not work for another thats what makes diy so interesting though , how is the VIC


I thought the same thing! I created this before I got hipped to lower % being best for these sc’s! You taught me quite a bit from reading your notes and comments. So, I totally expected this to be a mess. But it’s only a little messy. It does need refinement, but it really is full of strawberry ice cream goodness. I’m probably going to dial back the VIC a little for starters, and, ditch the sweetener, but leave the SB heavy as an experiment. I know, these are almost triple what they should be, but I’m digging it.


how do you like the VIC ??? have you had others and can you compare it to any


Im using an Arctic V8 with a fresh Tiger coil, 3ohm at 65 watts, if that makes any difference. I havent figured out my rda yet!


i have no clue , i just know with rda the taste is stronger , i still use my cleito and crown and always will i do use a velocity v2 and a lynx for rdas inuse those to test flaves and mixed juices if its not right on the velocity i know it wont be right in the tanks , id like to find a good rdta and i have but not one id use everyday , im not up to date on hardware i usually wait to see if everyone likes it after long use


This is my first VIC, so no comparisons to make. It is just a little heavy at this %, and I definitely can do without the erythritol. I ran out last week, right around the time it really sunk in that I should be using the sweetness already inherent in a lot of flavors. Marshmallow, for example. I’m limiting myself to pg-free extracts, so I won’t have very many options. Still quite a few out there to try out, even within my limitations. The RF is the only one in my stash right now. And I’m loving it.


I’m thinking now that I could be wasting concentrates here. I’ll try this knocked down to under 5% total and see if it’s just as good or better. Still getting the hang of this, for sure.

Just to pick your brain a minute, would you generally have the ice cream percents under the strawberry percents in something like this? Better yet, if you have a second, could you show me the percents you would change these to if you were using these flavors? I appreciate your input!


i havent uswd the VIC but yes typically od have the berries higher than the creams give me a minute and ill look what your using and see what i would try


Ethritol 1.5
strawberry organic 5pct ( ive never used but if itbis like ripe in strength i think your fine )
Strawberry RFSC 1 to 1.25 id start at one pct
VIC 1 to 1.5 ( ive never used im assuming its like the other creams so if your using it by itself with no other creams to help it id go to 1.5)
or id drop it to 1pct and throw in some cream fresh , sweet cream , or cream whipped at .5pct
MM FA. 1pct
MF WC. .5 to 1 id probably start at .5 i just used this for the first time and it seems super strong check elr notes to see what the average opinion is and then i usually drop it a bit lol

this would be my V1 probably based on those flaves but there are 2 ive never used and one ive only tries once


Sage advice. I appreciate it! I’ll take another look at that when I remix this. I’m jumping off this thread now, so I don’t turn it into a “fix my mix” thread V2! Thanks again.


So I have been hording all of my recipes not on purpose but i feel like i need to share some of them. I use a program on my computer for inventory and recipe creation so its technically double work for me to post them on here but YOU ALL ARE SO WORTH IT… check this one out and give me feedback please! i promise over the next couple of weeks i will start to post more of my “Finished works and WIPS” on here for everyone thanks in advanced!!


OK ELR fam here is one that a lot of you have been asking me to post since i talked about it today :slight_smile: I am showing my love!

By no means do i consider this a completely done work. I am more that open to suggestions but a couple people i know love this the way it is :slight_smile: now to tag those who have asked me about this today

@Cutlass92 @VapeyMama @Saxonn @Jazzy_girl @paingawd @SessionDrummer @BoDarc @Jenny1978 @Lostmarbles

and of course my soul sister @amy2 flavor queen extraordinaire i finally posted it :slight_smile: