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Summer Vapes 2017 ! Let's see them WIPs & Recipes


I’m limited on flavours at the moment but will be ordering some more shortly.

The other option is to do something crazy and add something like mango…

It’s all about experimenting right?? (thats what I tell the Mrs anyway)


These all sound AMAZING! Thanks for sharing! :blush:


This actually came out closer to a creamed cherry candy type mix. The Cherry is a little mild. 2% Cherry should be ideal for a more pronounced Cherry note. I’ll probably change the name, but I’m very pleased with the flavor of this mix… It’s just not a cherry-sprite float.

This recipe is missing that that soda fizz. I know you use champagne on occasion. It might be what’s missing here. The cream note could also be reduced a little.


I love it when something is born out of our creations ! Some of my better mixes have come to fruition this a way.
Yea Champagne helps sometimes if the flavors are right even soda will work and if I were to put soda in this recipe it would accompany a Black Cherry as those compliment each other very well.


A very simple single flavor recipe that I am falling in love with is RF Grape (SC) @ 3%. It tastes so good and refreshing.


This is it! Those creamy Lifesaver Lollipops… almost spot on.

I’ve seen a few reviews on Cherries INW, but it seems closer to a cherry syrup to me. As you said before… TIS.


Tis it is :wink: couldn’t help it !

Lifesaver Lollipops yum just enough cream but the fruit lingers

I have to get Cherries INW I currently have Cherry INW and I do like it.


Keep thinking how good this would be with some…


@Amy2 we had a cherry conversation long ago is this INW cherries one you would suggest also it looks like @SthrnMixer and @Pro_Vapes would agree ??? are you guy using this with another cherry or on its own typically ?


I’m sure you know I’ve been working on this for … well, going on 2 years now. Mostly the cherry/banana one. The efforts have sailed off in all kinds of directions with some ending up other recipes, while others turned into knowledge of how certain flavors will and won’t work together. Many more failures than advancements I’ll tell you! That blueberry/vanilla seemed to be the one I’d have the most luck with. Evolved into a couple of decent recipes…none even close to my goal though :frowning:


Dude I have failed at every attempt to make a juice that is vapable where cherry is the main flavor. I’ve found much more success with cherry playing around in the background.


A lot of ppl prefer INW Cherries as the cherry to use I have only INW Cherry and enjoy it I find it very similar to FA’s cherry. I tend to use this one on it’s own in a recipe but it really depends what I am aiming for.

Much agreed w/ @SthrnMixer cherry as the top note can be very difficult to do. I go the route of cherry as a back note or just a light note in general and have better luck that a way.

When to make a recipe public: WIP vs Tested and Ready

I have one.


4% TFA Cherry Blossom
4% TFA Honeysuckle
4% FA Summer Clouds

Beats the heat and is a cool flower vape. I love it.


Super simple, not overly sweet (you could add sweetener if desired). Nice crisp summery flavor.


This is a simple one, but really fresh and Summery. Just brought it out from a 3 day steep. Don’t let the rose scare ya if you don’t like florals, the watermelon blends the floral notes down and up with the fruit!


I am curious how you feel about Summer Clouds FA ? Especially since it’s pretty hefty on the floral back note ? I once vaped it stand alone at 10% :flushed: Haven’t done that again. Haha I really love using it to boost other fruits it’s got a great summer vibe w/ a splash of rose to me.

Then cherry blossom which I adore as well as the honeysuckle this is like a home run of the great floral flavor’s ! How long did u steep this one ?


Been tweaking this (V3) and it’s mighty tasty! Very rich mouthfeel with two Marshmallows. The addition of the MM (SC) (RF) really makes this, as I taste a slight cigar wrapper leaf flavor with the RF Marshmallow. The Honey(s) give this a sweetness with no added sweetener. This became better after 6 weeks steep time (Custards!) Special ‘High-fives’ to @LordVapor for discussions on IRC of what recipe to make “Oaked” so also check out his Drunken Custard!

Use the Search Tool and read results under “Oak Barrel” for several interesting threads. My recipe displays as Max VG because I actually used my own infusion of dry toasted oak cubes (15 grams per 120ml) in 70/30 VG/PDO (2 months) …not a barrel. After fine straining the Oak-only base I made the recipe with the resulting 70/30/Oaked base…


Honestly I could only let it sit for 1 week. It was too good to let sit on a shelf.

SUMMER Clouds is perfect. It has a good lemon/floral taste. I love it all together.


Another one. Just for nights.


4% CAP Vanilla Custard V2
2% FA Lavender
10 drops of MF Vanilla
10 drops of MF Bergamot

No NIC I use it to sleep at night. It is also a goid one for firefly watching.


I am glad your enjoying Summer Clouds I love it as well but there are so many ppl who detest it just means more for us :wink:

Ok well I’ll have to remember this so I make it the next time I mix !