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The best creams?!


just out of interest what is everyone’s favourite cream concentrate? personally I like sweet cream but I want to play more !!! help me play :slight_smile:


CAP Sweet Cream is my all time fav. But I like FA Fresh Cream. and countless Vanilla Bean Ice Creams and gelatos.


thanks man ill have to try FA fresh !


Definitely fa fresh cream

Also bavarian cream tpa or fw

Cream whipped by fa

Ice ceams everyones lol

Vienna cream fa

Not sure if you just asking about creams or also custards ???


I’ve been using HS cream and italian cream lately and like them a lot. Small amounts (< 1%) of FLV greek yogurt works as a cream too.

FA Cream Fresh is def one you should have. It’s the most universal imo.


Capella vanilla bean Ice cream and vanilla custard are my favs.


The fa creams are the cats ass in my book.


I love Hangsen’s cream & Italian cream as @ffrank mentioned for a stern non sweet thick and rich cream You only need a lil 0.5-2% usually does it for me and I tend to hang at or just under 1% most often.

Fresh cream or cream fresh FA ( these two are the same but different places label them differently ) Nice versatile clean cream w/ no added flavor straight up cream great at 0.5-1.5% starts to get a lil funky as it gets higher up in %s.

Cream Liquid Barn- sweet cream that is a Vg dominant flavor at 85/15 rich and delicious similar to Cap’s but sweeter.
Fresh cream Liquid barn- very similar to fresh cream FA.
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Liquid Barn - this is probably the best Ice Cream out there it is very very rich and heavy creamed. Fantastic even as a shake and vape and keeps getting better I think to me I was heavy handed when I first started using it I find I like it around 1.75-2.5% best.

Bavarian Cream TFA sweet vanilla cream
Bavarian Cream LA- sweeter than TFAs and a lil more of a heavier cream.

Cap’s Sweet cream is great and it’s a clean flavor unlike TFA’s has related diketones.
Cap’s Vanilla Whipped Cream seems light at first then it really starts to appear more prevalent around week 3 continues to strengthen as it steeps sweet vanilla whipped cream.

Cap’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream I 'll use this even if I am not building an ice cream recipe the sweeteness of the flavor is soft and not overly done steeps around 3-4 weeks late bloomer, but a great one.

FW’s sweet cream and bavarian creams are both decently good.


Erm … is Cats Ass a good thing or an insult ?

Here in UK “The Dog’s Bollocks” is something awesome, but just “Bollocks” is … Bollocks !
Personally I think that FA Cream Fresh is the Mutt’s Nuts !


LOL I read that and said welll Imma leave that alone but someone is guna say something fo sho. :wink:


In redneck terms, a cats ass is top notch. Not that a cats ass is actually anything to brag about.


so it’s the Canine Cojones !?!


The Feline’s Fanny


i would have added those but i didnt jnow if he meant creams and custards or just lighter type creams


i placed my first order with bcv the other day and couldnt remember that one damn it italian cream by Ha


I could be way off my guess here…but I’d think (being a long time cat lover/owner) that it’s probably because they walk around with their ‘tail held high’ usually (unless they’re stalking). As opposed to the dog that drags his ass on the carpet… :rolling_eyes:

Yeah…I’m reaching here. lol

Interesting expression for sure though.

EDIT: OH YEAH. On topic…
So far, I’d vote for Bavarian Cream (TFA) and Fresh Cream/Cream Fresh (FA). Still very weak in the cream dept. (but so far, haven’t really had a need/desire for them) just yet. Maybe once I actually get to the point of needing “accents” in a mix, as that seems to be what they’re normally used for.


I just became a big fan of LA Bavarian Cream. So thick and sweet! If you’re after a really sweet dessert cream, give it a try.


cream fresh FA
whipped cream TFA
Cream (milky undertones) Oneonone
Bavarian cream FW
Sweet Cream CAP

aaaaall good :heart_eyes:


cats ass - gooood
dogs ass - baaaad
dogs bollocks - awesommme
cats pajamas - amaaaazing

and I believe Bees have quite good knees also…

and FYI, I don’t like cats arses…lets be very VERY clear on that :confused:

or dogs bollocks for that matter…


I was taught the official ranking is as follows.
Good is the Bee’s knee’s
Very good is the Dogs Bollocks
Great is the Cats Ass
Supreme Best to rule all others is the Fur Lined Rats Ass
FYI We have different types of fur to help with grading as well.These start with Mink and stop with Russian Barguzin Sable .
***Beware if anyone claims something is as good as a Rabbit Fur Lined Rats Ass , as they are to be considered cheap clones from an unknown source.