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The best creams?!


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I have previously bought Bavarian cream from Mt Baker… I don’t know who makes that, but LA Bavarian cream tops it all day, not that MB’s is bad. I definitely recommend LA Bavarian cream.

I tend to go overboard at times and find some creams add a waxy taste, so I am geared toward flavorful creams in order to get taste without going too far with it. FA Catalan cream and FW Vienna cream both remind me of eggnog, with catalan cream being less nutmeg and more cinnamon. Maybe I’m imagining things. They are great if you like that type of thing. If I want something creamy (which is often), I will often just go for cheesecake or custard. Complimentary cream notes are harder for me to pick up on. FW Cream soda isn’t a cream per se but it sure is cream soda. One of my favorite DIYs involve cream soda and I’m hooked on it, but not by itself. It is definitely cream soda.

FA Fresh Cream reminds me of the kid in kindergarten who always spilt milk on himself and you could never pinpoint who it was, but you could always smell it. I’m not saying it’s bad in a mix… I notice a lot of people here like it. I guess it just has to be used in serious moderation and I am just trying to describe straight-up flavors, because I love to test flavors alone and some seriously funky flavors CAN be good in mixes. I have several creams… too many to judge right now. I have some butter creams I like okay.

To begin, though… I’d say LA Bavarian cream is something one must try out. . . for a cream that has plenty of sweet flavor. Cheesecake is also technically creamy. If one is plenty acquainted with cheesecake, ignore this if you just want creams and custards… but if you just start out buying flavors and just know you need cream and not sure what else, one MUST have a good cheesecake. I bought many creams before I bought cheesecake as a new DIYer. Now, I’d trade a handful of them for one good bottle of cheesecake.


Creme brulee with caramel! :yum:


i am more of a TFA/TPA guy…

Sweet Cream - TFA/TPA
Vanilla Custard - Pink Mule (Pink Mule’s Secrets)
French Vanilla Deluxe - TFa/TPA

Gelato Vanilla ICe Bean - TFA-TPA

Bavarian Cream - TFA/TPA

Greek Yogurt - TFA/TPA and CAP

Graham Cracker - TFA/TPA
Cream Fresh - FA
and a vanilla i enjoy from times to times is the flavourtec one :wink:


Chefs/Cupcake World - Devon Cream
FA - Vienna Cream
FA Fresh Cream
Cap - Whipped Cream
TPA - Whipped Cream
TPA Sweet Cream
TPA - Bavarian Cream
Kandi Held - Cornish Cream Cakes

These are pretty much the only ones I have used and give me all I really require cream wise


Thanks Amy, i find all your content on ELR really helpfull
Thanks a tonne…