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The Clapton Tool




@Phill can you make a double sided jig? Two spools of wire different gauges. One on top one on bottom. That would be bad ass. Just print another spool holder increase bolts so you bolt bottom clamp and top together.
Please tell me I’m making sense here.
Edit, put a mirror on the table and set jig on it.


I think i understand what you mean. Did you want it to run both wire at the same time?


Hell to the yea brother!!! Just a thought, I’m loving what you got.
I’ve seen where they run two wires and then pull one off, forget what it’s called.


You mean like a staggered clapton?



Buy I think it’ll be sweet to have a different gauge or even a flat wire.
Just saying would open up some interesting options. Of course you’d have to reengineer some of it.
Sorry just talking.


Check this out


Something like this?



How about something to hold the loop for spaced claptons


How do you mean? (Get ‘paint’ open and show me!)


a arm that holds the loop


You could build in the arm to the spool holder


What does the arm do? i’m now a little confused


In the video I posted he was holding a loop of wire as a spacer for spaced claptons. the arm would hold the loop for you


Ahh i see now. Well i’m not sure it would work correctly with a jig because the wrapping is done directly in the middle of the jaws. I’ll give it a try to see what i come up with.

Also this doesn’t actually fit on may 3D printer! it’s too big

Good news is my new one is turning up tomorrow :slight_smile:


Or the arm could come off the top and the loop would go in the jaws also. Or a slot in the side of the jaws of the clamp for the loop


I’ll test this today to see what results i get with multiple wires.


This is all looking good Phill. Some great work there bro. :ok_hand:


Ready for testing…